Create and Manage Your Own Nursing Float Pool With the IntelyCare Platform  

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Nearly half of the long-term care nursing workforce is looking to permanently move to a flexible role. To attract and retain more nursing staff, you must provide flexible staffing, but traditional nursing float pool management is often inefficient, stressful, and cumbersome. It involves updating spreadsheets and spending hours on the phone trying to fill shifts at the last minute. In the end, you simply cross your fingers and hope that someone will show up.  

IntelyCare’s Nursing Float Pool Management platform provides an innovative solution to this problem, putting the power in your hands to manage your own pool of providers without the inefficiency and stress you’ve come to expect from nursing float pool management. 

Provide the Flexibility that Nurses Want with a Nursing Float Pool 

With IntelyCare’s Nursing Float Pool Management platform, you can create and manage a float pool of your own, eliminating silos by establishing one central resource to staff your departments and facilities. Approaching staffing in this way will help you take back control of your costs and maintain a level of predictability in your scheduling.  

Our software’s predictive algorithms prioritize open shifts based on their difficulty to fill and suggest the optimal staff to fill them. Our intelligent incentives help you stay within your budget by making suggestions without exceeding a configured limit and optimizing for maximum fill. On top of that, the platform gives you a complete view of your staffing gaps and allows for seamless communication with available providers. 

By utilizing your own nursing float pool, you can achieve an ideal staffing mix that allows you to maintain census, streamline per diem usage, and keep your full-time staff happy.  

How does IntelyCare’s Nursing Float Pool Management Platform Work? 

Our Nursing Float Pool Management platform simply takes the workforce management solution that IntelyCare has been using and improving for years and puts it into your hands to manage your own pool of healthcare providers.  

The proprietary data science and predictive analytics capabilities built into the software provides you with: 

  • Alerts that predict ebbs and flows in staffing needs throughout the year, so you can plan well in advance when you will need to rely on per diem 
  • “Probability of picking up a shift” statistics for each provider in your pool, so you know who to reach out to 
  • Connected device communication enhancements to stay in contact with your pool 
  • Personalized shift matching for each provider in your pool 
  • Intelligent incentives that help you stay within budget 

With IntelyCare’s Nursing Float Pool Management platform, making scheduling adjustments is easy, staff communication is streamlined, and your use of per diem staff can be strategic. Plus, we can work with you to plan for your staffing needs in advance and achieve an optimal workforce mix of full-time, float pool, and per diem staff.  

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Can IntelyCare’s Nursing Float Pool Management Platform Really Help Me? 

We believe that utilizing a nursing float pool is the best way for long-term care facilities to reach optimum staffing levels while staying within budget. If you can give nurses the flexibility that they are demanding of you, you will see your shift coverage go up, retention rates go up, census and revenues go up, and your stress levels go down. 

Worried that your nurses and nursing assistants are leaving your facility for more flexible roles? 

Reach out to us today to start building your own in-house flexible workforce solution. 


Sick of Large Agency Bills?

What if we told you that IntelyCare is not an agency, but rather a technology company that can help you achieve your workforce goals? Manage your own staff of nursing professionals and create a flexible float pool.

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