Nursing Float Pool Management Platform

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Are you worried your nurses and nursing assistants are leaving for more flexible roles? Nearly half of the long-term care nursing workforce is now looking to make a permanent move to a temporary role. To stay fully staffed without turning to staffing agencies facilities must meet nurses where they’re at.

Talk to IntelyCare to learn how you can use the same technology we use to manage our own staff of 50,000 to create a flexible nursing float pool and ultimately eliminate the use of nurse staffing agencies and travel nursing.  

Cut Agency Without Cutting Census

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Stay Fully Staffed, With Nurses That You Hire & Manage

Attracting and retaining more nursing staff starts with giving flexibility to those who want it. But to keep that staff engaged, you need an easy way to overcome the communication challenges that come with traditional float pool management. IntelyCare’s Nursing Float Pool Management platform puts the same technology we use to connect and engage with our flexible workforce of over 50,000 nursing professionals in your hands.  

Streamline Communication

Easily request an open shift to be filled and use our Shift Alerts and Nurse Connect engagement features to proactively notify staff of open shifts.

Easily Make Schedule Adjustments

Better meet the needs of your staff by automating and simplifying communication and quickly adjusting to accommodate employee schedules. 

Personalized Shift Matching

Our Float Pool Management platform uses the same pricing and matching algorithms developed for IntelyCare’s own staff to curate a personalized set of shifts that your staff is more likely to pick up, while reducing the need for incentives.

Ready to build your own nursing float pool?