IntelyCare Partners With TaskHuman to Help Nurses Put Their Wellbeing First

With TaskHuman, IntelyCare provides its caregivers with free, flexible ways to better care for themselves through unlimited 1:1 guidance with a global community of specialists.

QUINCY, Mass. — IntelyCare, the largest staffing platform for nursing professionals seeking post-acute per-diem positions, today announced that it is furthering its commitment to the wellbeing of its nurses by teaming up with TaskHuman, an app that connects users to a global community of live specialists in nearly 1,000 categories of daily work and personal life. The partnership gives all IntelyPros – the nurses and nursing assistants that work for IntelyCare – unlimited, free-of-charge access to group and one-on-one coaching sessions.

TaskHuman’s mobile app connects IntelyPros to a comprehensive community of specialists to help improve their mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, and professional wellbeing. TaskHuman is a perfect complement to IntelyCare’s AI-powered platform, which provides nurses the freedom to choose when, where, and how often they work. With TaskHuman, IntelyCare can now extend that same kind of flexibility to IntelyPros in ways that enable them to better care for themselves.

“The past 18 months has caused tremendous stress for our frontline healthcare workers, as they are not only experiencing fatigue and burnout, but critical distress to their emotional foundation as people. We know that most of what is being offered to the frontlines in terms of whole-person support does not address the moral injury that nurses are experiencing,” said Rebecca Love, IntelyCare’s chief clinical officer, a nurse and well-known advocate for nurses. “A generic wellness app doesn’t cut it, as nurses need real guidance from real human beings. That’s why we turned to TaskHuman. Their live 1:1 virtual coaching sessions allow nurses to interact in a confidential setting to really process the stress, fatigue, and burnout they are experiencing on the frontlines. We hope this partnership provides some real support to those who have been supporting us for so long.”

With TaskHuman, IntelyPros can access in real-time, a global community of specialists in a variety of fields, including yoga, HIIT training, personal finance, and guided meditation. IntelyPros need only a mobile phone or tablet to connect with one of the hand-selected coaches available in TaskHuman’s global network. Once they’re on the app, IntelyPros can engage in an unlimited number of sessions and take whatever time it requires to address their needs with no cap.

The media has repeatedly reported on the scores of burned-out nurses who are leaving the profession, yet the coverage often neglects the full story. Nursing professionals across the country have been struggling with long shifts, mandatory overtime, lack of time with their families, and threats to their own health since long before the pandemic struck.

One of IntelyCare’s core beliefs is that patients are better served and kept safe when nursing professionals work sustainable hours and are physically and mentally healthy. To that end, IntelyCare provides its nursing professionals with health insurance, retirement benefits, competitively high wages, and reward programs. In August, IntelyCare also began offering DailyPay, giving IntelyPros more financial flexibility during this challenging economic period for healthcare workers. We are proud to add this awesome TaskHuman perk for all our IntelyPros.

“We are so humbled and honored to be partnering with IntelyCare to bring TaskHuman to the nursing professionals that have been serving the United States this past year through a devastating pandemic,” said Ravi Swaminathan, CEO of TaskHuman. “We know that nursing professionals are accustomed to irregular schedules, long hours, and high-stress situations. Far too often, they must put their personal well-being on the backburner. With this partnership, TaskHuman and IntelyCare give a resource for nurses to get one-on-one support from specialists via video call from their mobile device instantly.”

About IntelyCare

IntelyCare is the largest digital nurse staffing platform in the United States. Through advanced machine learning and behavioral science, IntelyCare’s easy-to-use app matches nursing professionals with open assignments at its post-acute partners. IntelyCare is leading the work revolution for nurses, empowering them with the freedom to choose when, where, and how often they work, for the wages and benefits they deserve.

About TaskHuman

TaskHuman is the first mobile whole person benefit for the workforce that amplifies your employees work and personal lives. With TaskHuman, instantly connect with a specialist anywhere in the world for personalized guidance via a 1:1 video call. Employees can discover and engage instantly with the world’s most comprehensive network of vetted specialists covering physical fitness, mental wellbeing, spiritual, emotional, financial, life & leadership coaching, and 100s additional topics covering every aspect of their daily personal and work life. We’ve scoured the globe to bring your organization top vetted specialists 24/7, so they can focus on their self-care anytime, privately and confidentially. With 1:1 video call access to every specialist in our network, amplify your employees with TaskHuman. More information is at Download TaskHuman from Google Play and the App Store.


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