IntelyCare Announces 900,000 Enrollments in IntelyEdu, Empowering Nursing Professionals With Affordable, Innovative Access to Continuing Education

IntelyEdu breaks down education barriers by providing nursing continuing professional development (NCPD) credits and career advancement opportunities through on-demand learning and exclusive partnerships

QUINCY, Mass. — IntelyCare, the leading tech-enabled nurse staffing platform for healthcare organizations in the United States, today announced the formal launch of IntelyEdu, its continuing education platform that already has 900,000 enrollments. After more than 500,000 users took IntelyCare’s COVID-19 training, the company has doubled down on its investment to support the heightened demand for high-quality, timely, and essential education that has traditionally been missing in the nursing market. IntelyEdu’s transformative library of post-acute care-focused continuing education fulfills the industry’s need for affordable and actionable resources for upskilling, training, and career certificates needed to meet the demands of the changing healthcare workforce.

Built by nursing leaders and through partnerships with Excelsior College and Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (Sigma), IntelyEdu provides affordable access to mobile-friendly continuing education through courses approved by the American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC).

The IntelyEdu platform includes a full library of 150 ANCC-approved continuing education hours, nine certificate programs, and exclusive access to discounted degree programs, scholarships, and educational events. IntelyEdu enables nursing workforce development and future career mobility by offering NCPD certificates to users who complete courses through the platform.

Striving to up-skill workers across post-acute care, the certificate programs and stand-alone courses are the first of their kind to be developed specifically for post-acute/intermediate direct care professionals. IntelyEdu’s Professional Scheduler Certificate, for example, is the first program built to train qualified candidates to fill the thousands of open Scheduler positions at post-acute care facilities across the country.

IntelyEdu is also partnering with organizations to expand existing educational offerings. Excelsior’s new innovative and flexible Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BS) program helps working LPNs achieve their BS in nursing degree. IntelyPros (IntelyCare’s nursing professionals) can participate in the school’s unique bridge program at an exclusively discounted tuition, enabling learners to work in healthcare settings while attending nursing school to minimize student loan debt. The partnership meets the needs of adult learners by providing flexible self-scheduling for required coursework, clinical experiences, and work that has been absent from traditional nursing education and workplace requirements.

“Excelsior is proud to partner with IntelyCare and the healthcare organizations they serve,” said Mary Lee Pollard, dean of the School of Nursing at Excelsior College. “Nursing professionals can realize considerable advancement opportunities with education. Our missions align in offering adult students the flexibility they need to reach their educational and professional goals.”

IntelyEdu is also helping to bring nurses back to the bedside Through a partnership with Sigma, IntelyEdu learners can enter Sigma’s Return to Nursing Certificate program, which provides nurses who have been away from practicing with a supportive, on-ramp back to practice through the highest quality, evidence-based education.

“I’m so proud that through IntelyEdu, we are able to empower so many nursing professionals with affordable, accessible programming that will broaden their skill sets and help them advance their nursing careers,” said Rebecca Love, chief clinical officer at IntelyCare. “IntelyEdu is designed to both remove the barriers to CE for nurses and nursing assistants as well as provide meaningful upskilling, certificate-based education that ties to specific job qualifications and career advancement opportunities. It’s crucial that we continuously strive to increase the competency of the nursing workforce and make it easier for nurses and nursing assistants to stay by the bedside and thrive in their careers.”

Raising the Quality of Care in Post-Acute

As demands for post-acute care continue to grow, so do the knowledge and skills required to care for patients with higher acuity and more complex needs. To enable nursing professionals in this space to stay up to date on the latest developments in tech and treatment, IntelyEdu is committed to creating the most relevant and necessary education for nursing professionals to succeed in long-term care.

“As nurses, we always want to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients. Providing affordable and easy-to-access continuing education benefits the entire post-acute environment — the nurse and direct care workers, the facilities, and the fragile patients receiving the care,” said Rachel West, director of education at IntelyCare. “While basic education provides a good foundation, ongoing access to high-quality, evidence-based professional continuing education is essential to deliver high-quality outcomes.”

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