Home Health Staffing

IntelyCare’s Home Health staffing solution is designed to help your agency expand and meet your staffing needs.  IntelyCare can help you increase your capacity so you can provide care for your growing number of patients and take on more patient referrals.

Let IntelyCare provide support so you can manage your fulltime staff’s workload to prevent burnout and turnover. Trained nursing professionals are ready to provide continuity of care to your agency’s patients.

Struggling to scale your home health staffing business due to staffing obstacles? 

IntelyCare has a pool of nurses to fill your Home Health agency’s need for more patient visits.  Our nurses are qualified, engaged, reliable, and ready to deliver the care your patients need! Accept more patient referrals with the support of IntelyCare’s Home Health staffing platform.

Staff When You Need It

IntelyCare has nursing professionals, who we call IntelyPros, that are trained to deliver high quality care to Home Health patients and help you support your growing patient base. 


Continuity of Care

Worried about continuity of care for your patients? You can book our IntelyPros for longer term engagements, providing patients with a consistent provider. You can also choose to have IntelyPros visit for one visit at a time if that is the coverage that is needed.  

Curbing Turnover and Burnout

Searching for ways to reduce the workload on your full-time staff? Let IntelyCare help you balance the demands on your staff and keep everything running smoothly. We know that delivering quality patient care and growing your business on challenging – IntelyCare can help keep you on track. 

Software that Works for You

Afraid that you won’t be able to find a staffing solution that will mesh with your current workflow? Our staffing software is designed to support the Home Health workflow, helping you get the coverage you need. With built-in functionality to assist you in conveying relevant information and reporting, we can help you avoid disruptions and focus on growing your business, all while knowing your patients are being taken care of.   

Are you an agency ready to improve your home health staffing and scheduling?

If you’re a home health agency that’s looking for a simpler, more reliable solution for your staffing & scheduling needs, let’s talk.  IntelyCare helps home health agencies grow their business filling more visit requests and accepting more patient referrals. Learn how IntelyCare can help your agency today.