Empowering A More Engaged Nursing Workforce

IntelyEdu: IntelyCare’s educational destination for nursing professionals.

Do you feel the pressure to educate your staff and ensure they are up to date on CEUs?

IntelyEdu empowers nursing professionals through education, broadening skill sets and building confidence. Our CE courses are designed to help nursing professionals meet their requirements and grow as care providers. With IntelyEdu, you can rest assured in your staff’s ability to deliver quality care to the patients in your healthcare facility.

IntelyEdu Offers

CE Course Library

One central location to access a full library of CE credit courses for IntelyPros and your full-time facility staff.  

Certificate Programs

IntelyEdu offers certificate programs that help nursing professionals improve the quality of care delivered to patients.

Exclusive IntelyPro Offers

IntelyPros benefit from exclusive access to discounted degree programs, scholarships, and free CE courses.

Upset that your full-time staff is not delivering the quality of care that your patients deserve? 

IntelyEdu Raises the Quality of Care

IntelyEdu-supported nursing professionals will quickly add value to your facility and provide top-notch care to your patients – so you don’t have to worry. 

IntelyEdu’s educational resources will lead to greater competency, confidence, and compassion in the care that nursing professionals give. Our courses are designed by practicing nurses who know how to leverage learning to improve quality of care.  

Frustrated that your full-time staff struggles to find relevant CE courses?

IntelyEdu provides access to a CE course library, as well as badges, certificate programs, and course bundles – all in one platform. Our resources can be used to train your staff, help maintain your CSM reporting standards, and meet your full-time staff’s educational needs. Courses are designed to be able to add value to your healthcare facility immediately.

CE Hours

Essential CE Courses Found Within our Library

IntelyEdu offers dozens of courses for nurses and nursing assistants, including:

  • Medication Management
  • Pain Assessment
  • Pain Treatment
  • Documentation
  • and more!

IntelyPros – Powered by IntelyEdu

IntelyPros have exclusive access to IntelyEdu’s CE course library, discounted degree programs and more.

IntelyCare is focused on empowering IntelyPros in order to deliver the best quality of care for your patients.

An Easier, More Reliable Way to Fill Nursing Shifts

Are you a Nurse Manager, Scheduler, Director of Nursing, or an Administrator? Are you looking for an easier, more reliable nurse staffing and scheduling solution? IntelyCare can help – and we’d love to tell you how.