Pediatric Nurse Salary: Overview and FAQ

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Written by Ann Real, BSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
A nurse earns her pediatric nurse salary at work.

Pediatric nursing — the realm of adorable scrubs and cartoon-inspired hospitals. Here, you may find yourself dealing with multiple people for every one patient you’re assigned: the child and their caregivers. But are you compensated double for the extra effort? Does it pay off to be a pediatric nurse?

In this article, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of the typical pediatric nurse salary. We’ll cover the responsibilities of pediatric nurses, describe their average work day, discuss how much they make, and wrap it up with some frequently asked questions.

What Do Pediatric Nurses Do?

Is pediatric nursing a hard job? To an outsider, it may appear deceptively simple. People often imagine that it consists of playing with kids and watching cartoons. They may also think that a pediatric nursing salary is as big as a toddler’s fear of blood work. But is that the reality? Not exactly.

As a pediatric nurse, your job is to provide medical care to children. And what does that mean? While you’ll form sweet connections with some patients, others will scream and cry the moment they see you because they know you come with pills or injections.

And if you’re assigned five patients, think 10. You’ll likely have anxious parents running after you, asking hundreds of questions per minute — there probably won’t be time to watch those cartoons. Don’t be mistaken, pediatric nursing is a very rewarding career. But is it an easy one? Not at all.

Now that you’ve gained some insight into the world of pediatric nursing let’s delve into the duties of a pediatric nurse. Here are a few:

  • Growth and development monitoring: tracking milestones, assessing cognitive and physical development, and addressing any concerns or delays
  • Vaccination and immunization: administering vaccines and immunizations according to recommended schedules
  • Pediatric dosages calculation: calculating medication dosages based on the child’s weight
  • Child abuse and neglect assessment: recognizing signs of child abuse or neglect
  • Child advocacy: advocating for children’s rights and welfare

Pediatric Nursing Specialties

Pediatric nurses care for babies, toddlers, children, and adolescents. Depending on the age group you work with and facility type, your nursing career can take many different forms.

  • Neonatal intensive care unit (NICU): NICU nurses provide specialized care to premature infants and critically ill newborns.
  • Pediatric intensive care unit (PICU): PICU nurses care for children with life-threatening conditions and complex medical needs.
  • School nursing: Pediatric nurses work in educational settings, tending to the healthcare needs of students.
  • Pediatric oncology: Pediatric oncology nurses specialize in caring for children with cancer.
  • Pediatric primary care: Pediatric primary care nurses work in outpatient clinics and provide routine healthcare, vaccinations, and preventive care.

Where Can You Work as a Pediatric Nurse?

This field offers the choice to work in acute care settings, which tend to offer slightly higher salaries. Examples include surgical, neurology, cardiac, and endocrinology units. Alternatively, you can explore opportunities in pediatric home care, community centers, or primary care offices, where salaries may be somewhat lower.

Moreover, the age group they specialize in — be it teenagers or newborns — plays a significant role in determining your salary. It’s important to note that a pediatric nurse salary can differ among various specialties and based on the medical facility in which you are employed.

Pediatric Registered Nurse Salary

So, what is the salary of a pediatric nurse? The average pediatric nurse salary is $79,000 per year — below the average annual wage for all registered nurses, which is $ 89,010. But just like with other types of nursing, your salary can also vary according to the specialty you choose. Here are some common pediatric nursing salary variations by specialty.

You can also expect some variance in salary depending on your role. For example, pediatric LPNs earn an average of $48,000 per year. In contrast, the average pediatric nurse practitioner salary is $118,500.

Geography is another contributing factor. It’s essential to bear in mind that the cost of living in your city or state plays a significant role in determining the portion of your salary you’ll take home.

To find out what you might earn in your area, explore the latest pediatric RN jobs and pediatric LPN jobs on IntelyCare.

Pediatric Nursing Salary: FAQ

What is the average salary for a pediatric nurse compared to other specialties?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the typical yearly income for an RN in the U.S. is around $89,010. Now, the average pediatric nurse salary is $79,000 annually.

What is the typical pediatric nurse salary per hour?

The average hourly rate for a pediatric nurse is $38 an hour. But this largely depends on the experience level and facility where you work.

What are the steps to become a pediatric nurse?

Pediatric nurse schooling prepares individuals for this rewarding career. In general, becoming a pediatric nurse includes completing a nursing degree, passing the NCLEX, and getting relevant experience. Learn more about how to become a pediatric nurse.

Who are the highest-paid nurses?

According to the BLS, the top-paid nurses are certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs), with an average annual salary of $205,770.

What is the pediatric nurse job satisfaction rate?

A remarkable 88% of pediatric nurses rated their job satisfaction positively, describing it as either good or excellent.

What are common stressors pediatric nurses face?

Pediatric nurses often interact closely with family members who may be overwhelmed by their child’s illness. Managing family dynamics and providing emotional support can be challenging. Some additional stressors are communication difficulties, medication dosage accuracy, workload, and time management.

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