Nurse Manager Cover Letter Writing Tips and Sample

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Written by Ayana Dunn, BSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
A nurse uses a laptop to write their nurse manager cover letter.

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely one of the many dedicated nurse managers responsible for supervising nursing staff. Job hunting can be just as competitive for nurse managers as for other healthcare roles. Writing a strong nurse manager cover letter is necessary to give yourself the best shot at landing the job you desire. Below are tips for drafting a cover letter and a sample to help get you started.

Show Off Your Ability to Lead

Leadership skills are important for all nurses, but especially for nurse managers. They’re the ones who manage conflicts between staff nurses and nursing assistants, make sure there are enough supplies, create schedules, and oversee other tasks necessary for the smooth flow of a unit. Your clinical manager cover letter should emphasize your ability to keep things organized, resolve issues, use assertive communication, and juggle various needs on the unit.

Prioritize Your Most Relevant Experience

Chances are, you’ve worked as a staff nurse for a few years before beginning a managerial role. Although these experiences made you the nurse manager you are today — or the one you wish to become with this new position — not all of them are necessarily relevant to this role.

Focus on past nurse manager or staff nurse jobs in which you showed the makings of a competent nurse manager. Did you take a leading role in a committee? Did you often volunteer to be a charge nurse? Did you make a suggestion that led to a positive change on the unit? Be mindful of the experiences you choose to share. This will help you prove that you have what it takes to be a capable leader in your next facility.

Highlight Your Humanity

While it’s certainly important to describe past nurse manager positions, describing how you lead is especially pivotal. A nurse manager who makes staff members miserable is hardly better than not having one at all. Are you compassionate? Are you a no-nonsense leader? Are you calming or inspiring? Find a way to describe your soft skills and personality.

This will give hiring managers an idea of how well you’ll fit into their work culture. Be honest as you describe yourself so the hiring team can make an accurate assessment of you. This will also increase your chances of truly feeling like you belong if you end up getting the job.

Cover Letter for a Nurse Manager Position

Quality cover letter examples are a great way to start brainstorming because they give you an idea of the format you should follow. Take a look at our example for an entry-level manager position below to see what a nurse manager cover letter might look like.

Ms. Lelani Kamaka, BSN, RN

(555) 555-5555
444 Flower Drive
Flowertown, PA 19143

Ms. Tamasha Stewart, MSN, RN
Springfield Hospital
(555) 555-5555
610 Civic Center Street
Philadelphia, PA 19144

Dear Ms. Stewart,

After completing my nursing degree, I was not only determined to make positive changes for my patients, but also the facilities in which I worked. I realized early in my career that I wanted to become a nurse manager because it is one of the most impactful roles in the nursing profession. Over the past seven years, I have gained experience in various nursing roles, such as working on medical-surgical, labor and delivery, and ambulatory care units.

As a charge nurse on a telemetry floor that housed 20 patients, I honed my management and conflict resolution skills, as well as my ability to be assertive. I supported my team through the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, helped improve the unit’s workflow, and ensured that I clearly communicated my thought process to my coworkers. My drive, detail orientation, and empathy helped create a transparent and nurturing work culture.

I also worked in a labor and delivery unit that supported 15 new mothers at a time. While working in this role, I volunteered to become the president of the Quality Assurance committee, holding the position for three years. I was responsible for distributing surveys to mothers to learn about their opinions of our care. I collaborated with management to interpret the data and make changes based on patient feedback.

My extensive nursing experience, adaptability, and poise under pressure make me a strong candidate for your nurse manager position. I’m eager to use my knowledge and leadership skills to uplift your staff and maintain excellent patient care.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to elaborating during an interview.


Lelani Kamaka, RN, BSN

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Gain Confidence From Your Nurse Manager Cover Letter

You’re on your way to getting the job you want, and your cover letter will play an important role in making that happen. As you look for a change of pace, check out nursing jobs on IntelyCare.