Completing nursing school is a crucial milestone in advancing nursing professional’s careers. You’ve probably put a lot into saving up for nursing school as well as planning how to fit work around your schoolwork in order to maintain an income while you get your much-needed degree. Getting to that first day of nursing school is a huge first step! But now, it’s time to make the best of nursing school and thrive all the way to your graduation day.

Follow these tips to help you succeed in your nursing education!  

1. Get Organized

Nursing school isn’t a walk in the park. You’re expected to learn and retain a lot of information for many different classes at once. So it’s crucial to have a plan for how you take notes, manage your time, and manage your course materials for each class. And keep in mind that the sooner the better! It’s important to have an organizational plan before it’s crunch time for exams. It takes a lot of valuable time to go back and reorganize once you’re already weeks into your classes.

2. Make Friends

It might seem silly to put a lot of effort into making friends in nursing school because your ultimate goal is to get your degree so you can move up in your nursing career. But making friends can be a key part of performing well in your classes! Making connections with your peers can lead to study groups where you can compare notes and have in-depth conversations that can help you better understand the topics covered in class. Not to mention that the connections you make can give you a support network after graduating. You never know what opportunities arise from the relationships you make! Plus, it’s more enjoyable to do the hard work of earning an education alongside friends that support each other.

3. Ask Questions

It’s common for students to feel uncomfortable asking questions. But if you’re confused about topics covered in class or if the lecture is going too fast, so are other students in the room! And nothing shows your professor that you’re an engaged learner more than asking questions. If you find yourself unable to raise your hand in the classroom, going to office hours is a great way to ask detailed questions to your professor. Doing so can help you develop a relationship with them that may come in handy throughout nursing school and beyond.

4. Practice Self-Care

If you find yourself stressed out with your studies, always know that it’s okay to take a break to give yourself a positive work/life balance. Breaks are crucial to your ability to focus and retain the information you’ll need on your exams! So take a break by practicing meditation, doing a hobby you enjoy, or taking a nap. There are many ways to practice self-care, and there is no one right way to do it. So find ways to decompress that work well for you so that you can come back to your studies with a positive approach.

Practicing self-care strategies doesn’t just help with your success in nursing school. Self-care habits help you stay motivated, focused, and fulfilled in your career as a nursing professional and in live in general. One of the best ways to practice self-care and decrease stress is to give yourself time and flexibility to develop those positive habits. 

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