Staffing Industry Analysts hosted their annual Healthcare Staffing Summit this November, which brought together industry experts to share perspectives on what’s trending in healthcare staffing, and predictions for the future of the industry. Our executive team was fortunate to attend this one-of-a-kind event to learn from and network with some of the key leaders in the healthcare staffing space.

So, what’s the state of healthcare staffing? And where is the industry heading?

Here are our key takeaways:

Post-acute care is heating up.

There is a noticeable push to move care from hospitals to the less expensive post-acute space. We can expect a big surge in outpatient settings and other post-acute care locations. Home health care is also being emphasized for the same reason – but recruiting is consistently a struggle in this space. We predict growing pains when it comes to credentialing for these services as they try to expand.


Staff retention remains a major challenge across the industry.

Companies that will succeed in retaining their staff are the ones that truly make an effort to engage, recognize, reward and appreciate their employees.

In-app staffing technologies have the unique opportunity to meet employees where they are – their phones – and engage with them via push notifications, and even reward them for completing tasks like picking up a shift or updating their profile. Gamifying the employee experience is one way staffing agencies can keep their employees coming back for more shifts.

But the ultimate tool to retention is simple; treat your employees right. Let them know they are more than just a number, and they will stick around and do great work for you.


Tech-enabled healthcare staffing is finally getting some recognition.

Trusted Healthcare, Nomad, and IntelyCare were all mentioned as technology disruptors, but the general understanding of how technology can impact the staffing industry remains narrow.

Based on the presentations we heard and the conversations we had, it sounds like some legacy staffing agencies plan to build and implement technology around their existing staff and processes.

In contrast, at IntelyCare, we have created new processes and created positions for our people around the technology that we’ve built from the ground up. Only time will tell, but we foresee that these legacy agencies will struggle to keep up if they use technology as a band-aid.


Technology will help to put people first.

“Technology when you want it. People when you don’t.” – Lars Asbjornsen, the SVP of Marketing at Upwork.

That quote really resonated with us.

With the emergence of technology in an industry that still relies so heavily on manual transactions like calls and emails, it can be difficult to envision how a company might impart a personal touch when interactions are self-service, or how facilities and healthcare workers could possibly manage to submit and pick up shifts, respectively, all with the touch of a button. With all that automation, how do you make a client, or a member of your staff, feel like more than just a number?

Our answer?

Technology doesn’t have to replace the human touch – it just has to replace and improve upon outdated processes – like playing phone tag with multiple agencies to fill a gap in care. With a tech-enabled staffing platform like IntelyCare, we can replace the laundry list of agencies facilities are forced to rifle through and call every time they need to fill a shift – and instead, they can simply push a button to request a shift, and let the algorithms match their shifts to quality healthcare professionals (at a high fill rate).

As consumers, we don’t need more human interactions, we need quality human interactions. With technology, we can speed up some processes that are pain points for clients and employees – and make their experience better than ever.


Final thoughts…

Looking for the silver bullet to take staffing to the next level? Technology is a step in the right direction, but it needs to be the right technology, implemented in the right way if you want to actually make your operations more efficient and keep your clients and employees happy.

At the core, healthcare staffing success has always and will always boil down to getting the right person to the right place, at the right time and at the right cost. If you can deliver that to your clients at the highest level of customer service, you’ll succeed.

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