Top 5 Nursing School Tips

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Looking for nursing school tips? You’ve come to the right place. Getting accepted into an accredited program is a crucial milestone in advancing your career as a nursing professional.

Getting to that first day of nursing school is a huge first step! You’ve worked hard to save up for nursing school. You also put considerable effort you’re your school and work schedules so that you can maintain an income while you get your degree. Now it’s time to make the best of nursing school and thrive all the way to your graduation day.

Follow these extremely practical nursing school tips for success. We’ll see you in the field!

1. Get Organized

There’s a reason this is at the top of our list of nursing school tips. You’re expected to learn and retain a lot of information for a variety of different classes and subject matter all at once. It’s crucial to have a clear plan for how you take notes, manage your time, and manage your course materials as you go.

And keep in mind: the sooner the better! It’s important to be organized before it’s crunch time for exams. If you find yourself disorganized and struggling to keep up, slow down and take the time to get your ducks in a row. This becomes more difficult the further along into your courses you get.

2. Make Friends

Your ultimate goal is to get your degree so you can move up in your nursing career, so actively putting effort into making friends may seem inconsequential as far as tips for nursing school go. But making friends just might help you perform better.

Making connections with your peers can lead you to forming study groups — one of the best nursing school study tools available to you anywhere. Have regular meetings where you can compare notes and have in-depth conversations that further your understanding of the topics covered in classes.

Also, the connections you make can give you a valuable support network after graduating. You never know what opportunities arise from the relationships you make. Plus, it’s more enjoyable to do the hard work of earning an education alongside friends that support each other. 

3. Ask Questions

Among the top tips for nursing school: Raise your hand — often. That said, it’s common for students to feel uncomfortable asking questions. But if you’re confused about topics covered in class, or if you feel the lecture is going too fast, chances are you’re not the only one. Plus, nothing shows your professor that you’re an engaged learner more than asking questions.

4. Connect With Your Professors

Fact: Nursing school is challenging, so don’t be afraid to acknowledge this to yourself and others! If you find yourself unable to raise your hand in the classroom, going to speak to your professors during office hours is another great way to get some assistance. Ask them to recommend any good study tips for nursing students that they’ve seen yield positive results. Making a connection with your professors can help you foster a relationship with them that may come in handy throughout nursing school and beyond.

5. Practice Self-Care

If you find yourself stressed out with your studies, always know that it’s okay to take a break. A healthy work-life balance goes a long way to restoring your focus and helping you retain the information you’ll need on your exams.

There are many ways to practice self-care. Try meditating, doing a hobby you enjoy, taking a nap, or anything else that can help you clear your mind and reset. So be active in finding ways to decompress so you can come back to your studies with a positive approach.

Plus, practicing self-care doesn’t just help with your success in nursing school, it can also help you stay motivated, focused, and fulfilled in your nursing career and in life in general. Give yourself time and flexibility to develop positive habits that will benefit you greatly when you begin working in nursing jobs.

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