How to Style Scrubs: 5 Tips

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Written by Morganne Skinner, BSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
A group of nurses demonstrate how to style scrubs.

Let’s be honest — one of the best perks of nursing is essentially getting to wear pajamas to work. You don’t have to stress over what outfit to wear or spend creative energy putting pieces together. You can just wake up, select your scrubs, and go.

In exchange for some comfort (which we can all agree is terrific), wearing a uniform means you lose a bit of individuality and style. We’ll show you how to style scrubs and answer some common questions for you — like how to dress up scrubs — while maintaining comfort and professionalism.

Tips for Wearing Your Scrubs Fashionably

1. Select the Right Size

A good set of well-fitting scrubs will make you more comfortable throughout your shift, as well as enhance your appearance. There’s variation in sizing amongst brands and styles, so take your measurements and select scrubs accordingly.

2. Select the Correct Fit for Your Body Type

Scrubs come in all shapes and sizes — from V-neck tops to flared bottoms. Choose tops that flatter your shape. Some scrubs, for instance, can add some shape by cinching around the waist. In the same way that certain clothing styles flatter your shape better than others, scrubs do too.

3. Choose Colors That Flatter You

When you have choices over the color scrubs that you can wear in your unit or facility, choose ones that flatter your skin tone, hair color, or eye color.

If you’re not sure what those colors are, ask yourself: What color clothing do you typically gravitate towards? What colors land you the most compliments?

4. Make Sure Tops and Bottoms Match

It’s pretty common for scrub top styles to be in solid colors, although you can still find scrubs with a variety of patterns. Try selecting colors that complement each other, like a blue top and black bottoms. Avoid mixing two clashing patterns, like a top with rainbows and bottoms with flowers. As a reminder, refer to your facility’s dress code to be sure you’re adhering to the uniform policy.

5. Add Accessories

Wondering how to dress up scrubs? Accessories are a great way to turn a monochromatic outfit into a unique, personalized style. Try wearing a head band, socks, or watch that complement your scrubs.

How to Style Scrubs: FAQ

Now that you know to select the right scrubs for you, let’s explore some frequently asked questions about styling scrubs.

How should scrubs fit me?

Scrub tops should be tight enough that they aren’t hindering your ability to perform your job (a.k.a. getting in the way) but loose enough that they don’t restrict your movement. Also, keep in mind that many hospitals are fairly cold and you may want to wear layers, so select scrubs accordingly.

What are good shoes to wear with scrubs?

You will likely be on your feet all day during your shifts, so supportive shoes are a must. A popular option amongst nurses are running shoes — they are closed toe, usually pretty durable, and very supportive. For a more fashionable choice, you can opt for the iconic nurse clogs.

What are the best scrub styles for nurses?

Depending on your nursing speciality, you may gravitate towards one style of scrubs over another. Generally speaking, most nurses like scrub tops with many pockets. Where else will you put all of your nurse tools, like pens, scissors, and tape? Check out this guide for a list of popular scrub brands.

What are common scrub styles for male nurses?

Based on a poll of IntelyCare pros, Cherokee scrubs were the best scrubs for men. They’re durable, come in sizes up to 5XL, and are very comfortable.

What are common scrub styles for female nurses?

According to IntelyCare pros, Figs scrubs are the best scrubs for females. They’re soft, comfortable, have sizes ranging from XXS–6XL, and contain moisture-wicking materials.

Where can I buy cute scrubs?

You can buy your scrubs online directly from the brand’s website or in medical uniform stores near you. Sometimes employers will provide you with a selection of scrubs, so you can choose from a variety of brands.

Go to Work Comfortably and in Style

Now that you’ve learned how to style scrubs, you can select your favorite ones when you make your next purchase. Keep that comfort going by finding a job that fits you as well as your scrubs. Get updates on that perfect job from IntelyCare, starting right now.