10 Jobs That Let You Work From Home as a Nurse

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Written by Morganne Skinner, BSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
Woman in blue scrubs demonstrates how to work from home as a nurse.

The role of a nurse is expanding. Gone are the days when a nurse’s sole responsibility was to provide hands-on care. Nurses take on the roles of educators, case managers, social workers, advocates, healthcare navigators, researchers, consultants, and liaisons.

As a result, nurses can implement their knowledge and technology skills outside of the hospital. Curious about your LPN and RN work-from-home options? Stick around. We’ll provide 10 awesome examples of jobs that allow you to work from home as a nurse.

Are There Nurses That Work From Home?

You may be surprised to learn that there are many options are out there. But how? Are there really RN work-from-home jobs? How can a nurse care for patients if they are not even there?

In one word: technology. The advances of technology have opened avenues for remote working that were never possible before. Now, you can assess lung sounds from a different room than the patient.

Just how many nurses have online nursing jobs? A Future of Work in Nursing Survey found that 40% of nurses provide virtual care. Two-thirds of the nurses surveyed reported they would like to provide virtual care.

Are you one of them? Read on to learn how you can work from home as a nurse.

What Is Working From Home as a Nurse Like?

Your remote work experience as a nurse will largely depend on your specific job, role, and company environment. It’s a good idea to research the best companies for nurses to work for so you can find a good fit. Just like with in-person jobs, some work-from-home RN jobs are more fast-paced than others. Some perks include:

  • Autonomy and independence
  • Regular bathroom and lunch breaks
  • Flexible work hours
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased job satisfaction
  • No commute
  • Improved work-life balance

Let’s not forget the best perk of all — you get to make money as a work-from-home RN.

How to Work From Home as a Nurse: 10 Jobs

Most of these positions will require an active, unencumbered RN license. You may also need prior clinical experience for some of these options.

  1. Telephone triage nurse
  2. Prior authorization nurse
  3. Case management
  4. Nurse health coach
  5. Nurse navigator
  6. Utilization management nurse
  7. Nurse writer
  8. Quality assurance nurse
  9. Legal nurse consultant
  10. Clinical documentation specialist

1. Telephone Triage Nurse

What you’d do: Looking for telehealth nursing jobs from home? As a telephone triage nurse, you would provide nursing guidance over the phone. When a patient calls, you would assess their medical needs, provide applicable nursing education and instruction, and make referrals to appropriate medical providers or facilities. This role requires excellent communication and decision making skills. It’s one of the more common RN work-from-home jobs out there. Check out all telehealth nursing jobs available now on IntelyCare.

Salary: The average telephone triage nurse salary is $84,260 per year.

2. Prior Authorization Nurse

What you’d do: You’ll work closely with insurance companies and the patients they serve to assess and review a patient’s medical coverage requests for treatments, procedures, and certain medications. You’ll use critical thinking and your nursing knowledge to help patients receive coverage for the medical services they need.

Salary: The average prior authorization nurse salary is $71,982 per year.

3. Case Management

What you’d do: As a case management nurse, you’ll coordinate care for patients, ensuring they receive adequate levels of care. You’ll collaborate with patients, physicians, insurance companies, and other members of the healthcare team. For this RN work-from-home job, common duties include obtaining insurance authorizations, educating patients and their caregiver about their condition, and connecting patients to resources. Learn more about how to become a case management nurse.

Salary: The median case manager RN salary is $91,533 per year.

4. Nurse Health Coach

What you’d do: In this role, you promote the growth and well-being of your patients by helping patients make lifestyle and behavioral changes. You’ll focus on healing modalities that incorporate the mind-body-spirit connection, utilize motivational interviewing and therapeutic communication, and empower patients to reach their goals. Many nurses find this to be one of the most rewarding jobs for nurses working from home.

Salary: The average nurse coach salary is $55,360 per year.

5. Nurse Navigator

What you’d do: As a nurse navigator, you will advocate for patients and help them navigate the healthcare system. You can work at home as a nurse to ensure patients receive high-quality care — from their initial doctor’s visit to referral to implementing their care plan. You’ll also coordinate care amongst the multidisciplinary health team, educate patients on their diagnosis, communicate with physicians, and address barriers to treatment. Learn more about how to become a nurse navigator.

Salary: The average nurse navigator salary is $95,892 per year.

6. Utilization Management Nurse

What you’d do: A utilization management nurse is a registered nurse who works closely with health insurance companies to ensure patients receive the care they need, while avoiding duplication of services. You would perform systematic chart reviews, recommend treatments, and review appeals/denials for medical services in this work-from-home RN job. Learn more about how to become a utilization review nurse.

Salary: The average utilization management nurse salary is $88,500 per year.

7. Nurse Writer

What you’d do: As a nurse writer, you will use your expert nursing knowledge to create content for companies or the public. This role allows you to work from home as a nurse as a freelancer, contractor, or employee. Common project examples include writing NCLEX questions, creating CEUs for nurses and physicians, writing articles for nursing or healthcare journals, and writing blogs for healthcare companies.

Salary: The average nurse writer salary is $79,995 per year.

8. Quality Assurance Nurse

What you’d do: A quality assurance nurse evaluates nursing practices to ensure compliance with laws and industry standards. In this role, you would focus on optimizing efficiency and patient care in order to deliver the most cost-effective healthcare possible. Common duties include training nurses, improving patient care guidelines, and determining over or under utilization of healthcare services.

Salary: The average quality assurance nurse is $84,137 per year.

9. Legal Nurse Consultant

What you’d do: In this role, you would serve as an informed advisor to attorneys regarding medical issues. You provide your expert perspective as a registered nurse to evaluate complex medical legal cases. Typical responsibilities include reviewing medical records, serving as an expert witness in court, and educating attorneys about medical issues. Learn more about how to become a legal nurse consultant.

Salary: The average legal nurse consultant salary is $80,850 per year.

10. Clinical Documentation Specialist

What you’d do: A clinical documentation specialist is a registered nurse who reviews and analyzes patient records to ensure documentation is accurate and adequate. They compare the medical documentation to diagnosis codes, tests, and treatments and verify that the severity of the patient’s illness matches the plan of care.

Salary: The average clinical documentation specialist salary is $83,765 per year.

Which Remote Nursing Job Will You Choose?

As you can see, there are many opportunities for you to work from home as a nurse. Eager to get started but not sure where to look? We’re here to help. Search for remote nurse jobs on IntelyCare and apply today.