Three Ways One Platform Can Transform Your Facility Scheduling

three ways one platform can transform your facility scheduling

Inefficient staffing processes have long been a problem for the nursing facility scheduling industry. Whether it’s due to paper and pencil systems or confusing spreadsheets, the scheduler has had a tough job managing regular and on-demand staff. 

So how can one platform transform your post-acute facility scheduling?

1. It Can Save You Time

Facility Schedulers often find themselves spread thin using multiple different spreadsheets, managing separate calendars, and using paper and pencil systems to track agency and internal staff. Keeping track of all the moving parts can take up a lot of valuable time. With one intelligent workforce management platform, schedulers and Directors of Nursing can see their agency and internal staff, all in one place. Plus, AI technology gives supervisors the ability to predict and blast out shift openings to available staff. This eliminates time-consuming tasks like shift swaps and allows supervisors to focus on quality care for residents.

2. It Can Save Your Facility Money

When it comes time to fill a shift at the last minute, it’s difficult to predict exactly who is available and who has already worked their 40 hours. When you’re scrambling to fill that shift, it often comes down to keeping nurses overtime or using agency staff, both of which can push your team overbudget. So when that pesky shift needs to be filled, having one platform that can leverage your non-overtime internal staff can save a lot of money for your facility. While there may be upfront costs of bringing on new technology, utilizing a single platform can help your facility save money in the long run.

3. It Can Improve Staff Engagement

When last-minute call-offs occur, Schedulers often find themselves struggling to fill their gaps in care. Ultimately, they end up leaning on the same staff to pick up the slack, leading to an overworked, burned-out team. But with the use of an intelligent, all-in-one platform, supervisors can predict scheduling gaps, and engage with full-time staff directly through their mobile devices and give them the power to swap or pick up shifts. Giving staff more control over their schedule can lead to less burnout, improved staff retention, and better patient outcomes.

With one platform for schedule management, you’re finally equipped with the tools you need to save money for your facility, keep staffing shortages at bay, and ultimately help your facility provide the best care possible.

Ready to simplify your scheduling? The best way to see the value of IntelyCare is to see it in action. Get in touch today, and our team will be happy to provide a hands-on demonstration for your facility. Get started today.


Struggling to Fill Shifts?

Are you looking to build a balanced nursing workforce with per diem staff to increase census revenue, reduce full-time staff turnover, and improve your CMS Star Rating?

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