TechCrunch Webinar: Can Technology Solve the Nurse Staffing Crisis?

The U.S. is in the midst of a full-blown nurse staffing crisis. The last two years have seen the largest exodus from the nursing profession in history as demand for nurses continues to skyrocket. 500,000 nurses are expected to retire by 2022 and 900,000 are expected to leave the profession over the next five years.

While the media headlines focus on the impact of the pandemic driving nurses out, the coverage does not tell the full story. 

Nurses have been overworked, undervalued, and burnt out, since long before COVID-19 hit. At the core of the issues facing nurses is a broken staffing model. The rigid scheduling of 8 to 12-hour shifts to fill a 24/7 demand is robbing nurses of a work-life balance. Not only is it driving them away from the profession, it creates an even bigger burden for the nurses that remain.

To shine a light on these issues and discuss the innovative ways that technology can ensure patients get the care they need, IntelyCare participated in a recent TechCrunch webinar to discuss the innovative ways that technology can help our nation’s nurses.

In “Can Technology Solve the Nurse Staffing Crisis?”, IntelyCare Chief Clinical Officer,  Rebecca Love, hosts a panel discussion with IntelyCare CEO, David Coppins, Google Cloud Director of Global Healthcare Strategy and Solutions, Aashima Gupta, Vocera Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Rhonda Collins, and clinical thought leader, Dr. John Pirolo.

The hour-long discussion covers topics ranging from how technology can be leveraged to decrease nurse burnout to the importance of bringing nurses to the table to co-create the technologies they use.


How technology can be used to reduce the strain on nurses.


Nurse burnout vs. general burnout.


Using technology to rebuild the nurse staffing model.


Why this nurse staffing crisis is different than before.


Enabling nurses to work at the top of their license.


Involving nurses in the co-creation of technology.


Concluding remarks.

Click here for the full webinar recording

Click here for the full transcript of the webinar

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