IntelyPro Spotlight Series: Jackey Williams, CNA

Jackey Williams IntelyPro Spotlight

Jackey Williams is a CNA from Providence, Rhode Island. She’s been a CNA for roughly 30 years and has a lifetime of nursing experiences and stories to share. Her nursing career began in 1990 when she came to the US from Liberia when she was in her 30s.

“As a CNA in a nursing home, I help patients and residents who are unable to help themselves. When I can give people the ability to live their lives and put a smile on their faces, it puts a smile on mine too. That will always be what gets me up in the morning to give care.”

Jackey talks about some of the tough moments that come with the rewarding job of being a long-term care provider. “When I started nursing, it was hard for me to handle when residents passed away. It broke my heart, to tell you the truth. But as I’ve gained more years of experience taking care of the elderly, I’ve gained a new perspective on life and death. The end-of-life process doesn’t affect me in the same way.”

Jackey Williams’ 30 years in the long-term care industry give her an invaluable perspective on what it means to care for people. 

“As a CNA, you have to step into the shoes of your patients. Many residents in long-term care facilities have families that care for them. When I think about the fact that my patients are someone’s parents and grandparents, I’m able to take the time, effort, and patience to care for them like they’re my own family.”

Jackey knows what it’s like to give her heart and soul to her patients only to go uncared for as a nursing professional herself. So she makes a point to say how IntelyCare is an organization that cares deeply for its workers.

“In all my years as a care provider, I know what it’s like to care and be cared for. So I can feel that IntelyCare genuinely cares about its workers. That’s why I’m a proud IntelyPro. When I picked up my first shift, I knew I’d stick with this company. If you ever have questions and need to call, they’re always there to help and will speak to you so nicely. They’re always looking out for you as a caregiver. They get me. And that’s why being an IntelyPro is right for me. ”

Jackey notes that IntelyCare looks out for their caregivers by providing them freedom and flexibility in their work hours. When Jackey comes home from a long day, she looks forward to spending time with her grandkids.

“When I get home, I freshen up, sit down with the grandkids, and prepare food, read to them or watch TV shows with them. Right now, I can’t take my grandkids to go places and do fun activities because of the pandemic safety precautions. I don’t want them to get sick with the virus, so we make do with the activities we have inside. But I love to spend time with my two grandkids no matter what. They warm my heart.”

Jackey can’t wait to take her kids out to the park to play, meet other kids, and take care of them as they grow up. Jackey cares for the elderly during work hours and cares for her grandchildren when she’s home, giving her a unique perspective on age. But when she isn’t giving care to her patients and family, she loves listening and dancing to African music.

Jackey reflects on her life in the healthcare industry. She shares advice she wishes she gave herself as a young woman starting in the caregiving profession.

“What I would say to myself if I was 20 years old is, ‘Jackey, you should always respect people, know how to talk to people, and understand people’s problems because everyone has different problems and different ways of dealing with them.’ And I’d say, ‘Jackey, go to school and become an RN or Doctor.’”

Jackey’s time growing up in Liberia inspired her to enter the healthcare industry, saying that “In Liberia, they don’t have what we have over here. So I’d say, ‘Jackey, get an education as an RN or Doctor so that you can come back to Liberia and save people’s lives; give them the life-saving treatment they don’t have access to otherwise.’ When I came here, I was happy to become a CNA, but I wish I had taken the extra time to get all the documents I needed to go to nursing school or medical school.”

“My mom is still in Liberia,” says Jackey. “But I have my sisters here in the states with me. My sister was the one to show me IntelyCare! So I’m forever grateful for that.”

We take Jackey’s words to heart when she says, “IntelyCare leads the way. Everybody loves you guys. All I can say is keep it up!” 

Your words inspire us to care for our healthcare heroes every day the way they care for their patients. Thank you, Jackey!


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