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Known as Queen City, Cincinnati is a vibrant midwestern city with lots to offer. If you’re looking for nursing jobs in Cincinnati, read on to see what you can find here.

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Intro to Cincinnati RN Jobs

Nurses aren't just the first line of defense in healthcare, they're also the most prominent. There are nearly 4.2 million registered nurses (RNs) in the United States, and they help make nursing the single largest healthcare profession in the country. RN jobs are in demand in a wide variety of work environments, from hospitals to ambulatory healthcare centers to skilled nursing facilities and beyond.

If you're pursuing an RN job — whether on a full-time, contract, or per diem basis — now is a great time to start looking. RN jobs are projected to grow by 6% over the next decade, an increase of about 195,400 jobs. With a growing focus on preventive care, escalating rates of chronic conditions, and the aging baby boomer population, the healthcare landscape is going to continue to rely heavily on RNs and their expertise to deliver quality care. Check out all the jobs for registered nurse professionals on IntelyCare.

What to Know About Nursing Work in Cincinnati

Located on the northern bank of the Ohio river in the southwest part of the state, Cincinnati is home to almost 309,000 people. The city needs plenty of healthcare professionals such as yourself to provide care for these residents in hospitals, doctors’ offices, nursing homes, and other skilled nursing facilities. If you’re looking for work, you have your choice of nursing jobs. Cincinnati has opportunities for RNs, STNAs, and LPNs in a variety of healthcare facilities, whether you’re looking to work full time, part time, on contract, temporarily, or even per diem.

Curious to know more about the patients you’d be looking after in Cincinnati nursing jobs? The city has a median age of 32, and residents ages 65 and older make up 12% of the city. Just over 69% of people are single and 31% are married; 19% of married couples have children and nearly 35% have children but aren’t married.

If you can show that cultural competency is part of your skill set, you’ll have an advantage when you apply to nursing jobs — Cincinnati has a diverse population: 43% of residents are Black, 4% are of Hispanic ethnicity, and 2% are Asian.

As you consider this city for its career opportunities, know that it holds significance in healthcare for more than just a plethora of nursing jobs. Cincinnati is also the site of many medical and scientific firsts:

  • One of two of the first baccalaureate degree programs in nursing was offered at the University of Cincinnati’s (UC) College of Nursing in 1916.
  • The first first functional heart-lung machine in the world, located at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, was developed in 1951.
  • The first emergency medicine residency program was established in 1970 at the UC-affiliated hospital.

Get Your RN Resume and Cover Letter Ready

Whether you are looking for your first or your 31st position as an RN, you will need to make sure your resume and cover letter are both up to date and can catch the eye of recruiters, hiring managers, and the software they use to review candidates. Take some time to learn more about the best ways to list your credentials and describe the experience that sets you apart in an engaging cover letter, as well as how to create a resume that shows off your degrees, certifications, and special skills.

Already Have an Interview in Cincinnati? Here’s What You Need to Know

Like any other job, nurse interviews can be a bit nerve-racking. But just taking a little time to learn about the latest tips and tricks can help you calm yourself. Focus on listening to not just the question but also the reason behind the question can help you land that new RN job.

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