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Frustrated with Antiquated Staffing & Scheduling?

Welcome to the 21st century. Keeping shifts filled with qualified, engaged, and reliable nursing professionals doesn’t have to be difficult. Simplify your healthcare staffing & scheduling with IntelyCare, and get back to focusing on what matters most: supporting your staff and providing top-quality care.

Powerful Tools That Make Your Job Easier

Get the right coverage for your shift needs, whether you make the request in advance or last-minute.

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On-Demand Healthcare Staffing

Worried about how to manage your staff schedules during COVID-19? Optimize your existing nursing staff and augment when needed. Our AI-powered matching and pricing engine provides a seamless solution to staffing challenges with minimal manual involvement. Increase engagement, fill last-minute call-outs, and decrease burnout of your staff today.

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Smarter Scheduling Solutions

Tired of using spreadsheets or pen and paper for your schedules? Simplify your scheduling process and transform the way you work with scheduling software designed specifically for post-acute skilled nursing facilities. Get rid of manually scheduling your staff by engaging with them on a single app, online, and via text.

Features of Our Platform

Sick of going back and forth between phone and email? Let IntelyCare simplify the way you work.

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An Easier Way To Fill Last-Minute Shifts Quickly & Accurately

Your personalized IntelyCare Staffing online portal gives you real-time access to our workforce of 30,000 nurses and nursing assistants so you can quickly and efficiently fill vacant shifts with qualified professionals. We’ll ping you when your shift has been filled, and our geolocation software will notify you when an IntelyPro is on their way to your shift, along with their estimated arrival time.


Increase Engagement & Retention with Simplified Scheduling

Using our On-Demand Scheduling platform, you can directly engage with your fulltime staff through their mobile devices and give them the power to swap or pick up shifts. Fill empty shifts before they become an issue, and help keep staff happy to prevent nurse burnout and increase retention.

Ondemand scheduling platform allows hospitals to schedule per diem nurses
Sample payroll based journal reporting available on the IntelyCare software


Corporate-Level Reporting, Made Simple

Whether you’re a regional manager covering multiple facilities or just want an easy way to pull a work history report, IntelyCare makes it simple with Payroll-Based Journal Reporting and on-demand Personalized Audit Preparation.

Success Stories From Our Partner Facilities

I have been pleased to work with IntelyCare from the day I signed up with them. Before IntelyCare left the building after my training, a CNA had already picked up a shift I posted. Most of the nurses and CNAs have been excellent and I would welcome any of them again.

Director of Nursing - Weston, MA

You Change Lives. We Want to Change Yours.

We believe that the work that you do every day changes people’s lives.

By re-imagining the way you work, we can change your life for the better, too.
And after all that you’ve done for others, it’s the least we can do for you.

Ready To Transform The Way You Work?

The best way to see the value of IntelyCare is to see it in action. Get in touch today, and our team will be happy to provide a hands-on demonstration for your facility.

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