Boston Globe: After the pandemic, expect more freelancers

This Boston Globe article breaks down the trend of businesses hiring more freelancers and contract workers post-pandemic in order to save money, placing David Coppins, IntelyCare CEO, and IntelyCare at the center of how the gig economy will be the future.

Companies that can make money only with independent contractors have a ‘flawed’ business model,” says Coppins in the article. “Classifying workers as contractors is like saying, ‘Let me just use you for a period of time and then let you go,’”

Read the full piece here.

The Enterprise of Brockton: Brockton nurse on the front lines of COVID wins national health care hero award

The Enterprise of Brockton interviews Dorchester Massachusetts native, Claudine Bruff,  one of our 2020 Healthcare Heroes winners and president of Block Nurses Rock New England. “I’m honored to be recognized. It’s like making history as a Black nurse,” said Claudine Bruff. “By being nominated, it will motivate a little girl or boy to be a nurse,” she says in The Enterprise piece.