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IntelyCare Nurse Scheduling Software


Easy to set up with self-guided onboarding


Simple to use with built-in video tutorials


Send shift alerts straight to staff mobile devices


Allow your team to pick up and swap shifts, all from the platform

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Organize and empower your staff with one easy-to-use platform

Back and forth calls and emails are a thing of the past. Organize and connect your staff with a solution that allows them to view their schedule, pick up shifts, and arrange for swaps, all in one place.

And there’s no delay to get started. Our self-guided onboarding process and easy-to-follow video instructions eliminate the need for a salesperson – so your entire team can join immediately.

Free. Yes, FREE.

The IntelyCare Scheduler platform is free to use for single facilities with up to 150 employees

Save 20 Hours a Week

Eliminate time-consuming tasks like shift swaps and predict/fill your scheduling gaps faster

Simple to Setup & Use

A self-guided setup process and easy-to-follow videos get you up and running quickly

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