Save 20 hours a week on managing your schedule‚Äč

IntelyCare Nurse Scheduling Software


Analyze shift gaps and fill them quickly


Broadcast open shifts to available staff instantly


Repeat and batch fill schedules


Increase speed-to-fill rate by 50%

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Increase your speed-to-fill rate by 50%

Your time is valuable – and limited. With IntelyCare Scheduler, you can eliminate manual and time-consuming shift swaps and requests. Broadcast open shifts instantly to your staff, and they can pick up shifts, communicate with peers, and swap shifts, all from their mobile devices.

Our platform also predicts your scheduling gaps and allows you to repeat and batch fill schedules, so you can spend less time doing repetitive tasks, and more time checking off the rest of your to-do list.


Increase speed-to-fill rates, save hours per week in scheduling time, and make better decisions with robust reporting


Stay connected with your staff by pushing messages through the app, to fill shifts faster and reduce no-shows and callouts


Predict and correct overtime and overruns before they happen while improving retention and job satisfaction

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