Eliminate nurse burnout & improve scheduling

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Improve staff retention with transparent scheduling


Give staff more control over schedules, reduce burnout


Utilize analytics to prevent understaffed shifts


Improve outcomes with consistently staffed floors

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Happier staff = better patient outcomes

Your staff expects and deserves scheduling transparency and consistent staffing. IntelyCare Scheduler gives them the power to pick up the shifts they want to work, and easily communicate and swap for the shifts they don’t want.

And with IntelyCare Scheduler’s predictive analytics, you can make sure they feel supported with a well-staffed floor on every shift.

Free. Yes, FREE.

The IntelyCare Scheduler platform is free to use for single facilities with up to 150 employees

Save 20 Hours a Week

Eliminate time-consuming tasks like shift swaps and predict/fill your scheduling gaps faster

Simple to Setup & Use

A self-guided setup process and easy-to-follow videos get you up and running quickly

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