Earn $50 for your next shift!

Are you an CNA, LNA, or STNA? Are you ready for an awesome bonus in March?

We thought so.

Complete your first shift with IntelyCare, or your first shift since January 3, 2019 and we’ll pay you a $50 bonus.









Rules, Eligibility, & Questions.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

I am a CNA, LNA, STNA, but I have NEVER completed a shift with IntelyCare. Am I eligible?

Great news! You’re eligible! Complete a shift in the month of March and we’ll get you paid!

I am a CNA, LNA, STNA, and I have completed a shift with IntelyCare before. Am I eligible?


If you HAVE NOT completed a shift since January 3, 2019, then you’re eligible for this bonus!

When will I get paid?

You’ll be paid your bonus in the pay period following your completed shift. Make sure to check in and check out so that there are no delays!

I am a CNA, LNA, STNA, and I have completed a shift with IntelyCare after January 3rd, 2019. Am I eligible?

Sorry 🙁

This time, you’re not eligible for the bonus. However, we are running a separate program where we are giving away a $1000 Amazon Gift Card. Each shift you complete gets you an entry! Learn more here.

When does the shift have to take place?

The shift MUST be completed in the month of March, 2019.

I have more questions! Who can help?

Please send an email to careteam@ and one of our friendly associates will reach out to you as soon as possible, or feel free to call our main number: (617) 971-8344

Ready to earn your bonus?