Nursing homes on the Cape and Islands find themselves in the midst of a severe nurse staffing shortage, which is making it more difficult than ever to safely care for their patients.

Our Co-Founder and Chief Nursing Officer, Chris Caulfield, describes the opportunity to alleviate the strain caused by the severe nurse staffing shortage with a new kind of workforce in a recent interview with Sarah Mizes-Tan. 

“…Intelycare isn’t meant to be a replacement for nursing assistants hired in-house, and that he doesn’t think it’s a good idea for nursing homes to be staffed entirely by Intelycare. But the app can be the bridge between an understaffed and a well-staffed nursing home.


“You can’t staff a whole facility with 100 percent [Intelycare nurses]. It just wouldn’t work, it would be dangerous,” Caulfield said. “But the balance of 5 percent or 10 percent to make sure your own staff isn’t being turned over or burnt out, and to make sure you’re delivering care, is extremely important.”

Read the full article and listen to the recording on WCAI.