Our Co-Founder and Chief Nursing Officer, Chris Caulfield, weighs in on the gig economy’s role in potentially relieving nurse burnout and the staffing shortage in his contribution to Healthcare Business Today.

The nursing profession is at a breaking point. Chronic staff shortages, an aging U.S. population and burnout driven by physically and emotionally stressful work and forced overtime, create a perfect storm that is driving nurses away from healthcare just when they are needed the most.


One ray of hope for salvation comes in the unexpected form of the gig economy. Using the same concepts that Uber and Lyft leveraged to transform urban transportation, companies are now beginning to apply these very same supply and demand principles to healthcare. So far, the early results are very encouraging. This type of technology empowers nurses to regain the flexibility to control their own schedules and income, and those facilities who once battled seemingly chronic staff shortages and burnout are now adept at keeping its internal staff happier and more engaged.

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