Our Co-Founder and Chief Nursing Officer, Chris Caulfield, sat down with Daily Nurses to discuss the challenges of achieving a work-life balance as a nurse, and the opportunity the gig economy has to transform the nursing experience.

What particular challenges are faced by nurses who are parents and spouses?


It is a challenge for any working professional to balance both the responsibilities of work and being a parent or spouse, but there are a few factors that make it even more difficult for nurses.


For nurses, shift start times are rigid, shift end times are unpredictable, and working from home is not an option. As a result, nurses cannot come in a little late if their child misses the bus, nor can they be certain their shift will end on time to do school pick-up. Additionally, if their child is sick, they cannot work from home to take care of them.


Oftentimes, nurses are asked to stay late to cover care gaps. For a parent, this catches them between a rock and a hard place: what do you choose? Abandoning your patients or abandoning your child in the after school pick-up line?

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