Getting Locked Out of Shifts Due to Missing Certifications?

If you’re an IntelyPro in Arizona, you can complete a Caregiver Bridge Training Program for FREE to level up your skills and work as a Caregiver/Medication Tech! This certification will give you access to more shifts at Assisted Living facilities across Arizona.

Why Would I Want a Caregiver Certification?

Hospital CNAs in Arizona are not permitted to administer medications or treatments, which can limit the shifts you’re eligible to work. Meanwhile, Caregivers and Medication Techs at Assisted Living Facilities can do everything hospital CNAs can, as well as administer scheduled medications and perform some treatments.

How do I become a Caregiver?

IntelyCare has partnered with the Arizona Medical Training Institute (AZMTI) to provide a FREE Caregiver Certification exclusively for IntelyPros.

The program can be conducted online, or in person.