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For Nursing Professionals

IntelyCare Mobile App

  • Create your own schedule
  • Choose where you want to work
  • 25% higher rates than average
  • Weekly direct deposit
  • Bonuses, overtime, Hero Pay, sweepstakes
  • Training and continuing education
  • Your own IntelyPro Champion

Start picking up shifts in as little as 72 hours.

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For Nursing Facilities

Staffing & Scheduling Platform

  • Request per-diem coverage in a few clicks
  • Schedule your own staff online
  • Receive real-time updates on scheduled staff
  • Access PBJs and reports in one click
  • Rebook your favorite IntelyPros
  • See staff location in real time
  • Get a personal Client Success Manager

Stop using pen, paper, excel, or even a phone.

Nursing Professionals Platform


Create A Better Work/Life Balance

With IntelyCare’s easy-to-use mobile app, nurses and nursing assistants can browse through thousands of nearby shifts, and accept shifts when and where they want, providing them with the ultimate scheduling flexibility and allowing them to create a better work/life balance.

Nursing Facilities Platform


Redefining The Way Nursing Facilities Work

IntelyCare’s powerful platform can help redefine the way nursing facilities work. With IntelyCare, you can optimize your staffing needs and augment your existing workforce through our proprietary online platform. You can use IntelyCare to quickly schedule and engage with your nursing staff.

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