#ANursesVoice – a Twitter Chat to Amplify the Voice of Nursing

As I follow the news, I realize that the voice of nursing is still very much missing in all that is going on in healthcare, and in particular, in this third major wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. I thought it was time that we join together for a Twitter Chat to amplify the ‘Voice of Nursing’ – with #ANursesVoice – to speak to the world about what we are seeing as nurses, how we can make a meaningful and positive impact for our patients, drive change, and save the failing healthcare system.

I invite you to participate in #ANursesVoice on Wednesday, January 12 at 12:00pm EST on Twitter. I will be joined by some truly incredible industry leaders with powerful and diverse voices in nursing. Our goal is to drive attention to critical issues facing our frontlines, nurses, and all of healthcare. We look forward to having you join us!

– Rebecca Love, RN, MSN, FIEL, Chief Clinical Officer at IntelyCare (@RNRebeccaLove) 

Meet Our Participants

Mary Lou Ackerman, BScN, MBA


Vice President of Innovation and Digital Health

Mary Lou Ackerman is Vice President of Innovation and Digital Health with SE Health. Mary Lou is a founding member of SONSIEL (Society of Nursing Scientist, Innovator, and Entrepreneur Leaders) and an active member of CHIEF (Canada’s Health Informatics Executive Forum) with Digital Health Canada. Her background is extensive – she has led the development and implementation of many business transformation projects, innovations, and partnerships.  Mary Lou joined SE Health early on in her nursing career, and she has augmented her clinical background with a graduate business degree and significant experience with health informatics and technologies.  Mary Lou has a passion for community health care, combined with a desire to advance care, creating innovative service models supported by digital health technologies, to create a future that will provide a personalized, accessible, meaningful health experience for individuals, their families, and the service providers that support them.  Most recently Mary Lou has co-authored two books: The Future of Aging and The Rebel Nurse Handbook: Inspirational Stories by Shift Disruptors.

Dr. Michelle Acorn


Dr. Michelle Acorn is the Chief Nurse for the ICN-International Council of Nurses and a course instructor at both Athabasca University and the University of Toronto. She holds multiple degrees, licenses, and certifications, and has been published in a variety of scholarly works including books, peer-reviewed articles, and more.

Dr. Acorn is the recipient of over 20 awards. Most recently she won the Amethyst Award for Excellence in Public Health Service for both School Health Nurses (2021) and Primary Care in Corrections (2021). In addition to making time for a long list of professional activities and organizations, Dr. Acorn makes time for community service through the University of Toronto and various nursing organizations.

Dr. Acorn is a well-known contributor to industry conferences, speaking as a part of 17 engagements in 2021 alone. Her accomplishments have been regularly covered by major media outlets and industry publications.

Hilario Castillo

Hilario Castillo is an RN-Entrepreneur who utilized his acute care clinical expertise to launch a Med-Tech startup that aims to develop a series of enhanced and innovative medical technologies with the goal of reducing chronic health conditions, healthcare costs and developing safer technologies that will benefit clinicians and enhance the patient experience.

He is the inventor of a breakthrough patented safety syringe that has unique time-saving and safety features currently unavailable in other syringes in the market which can help reduce healthcare costs, needle stick injuries, and save the clinician time during routine injection procedures.

Hilario and his startup, Innovative Neurons LLC, has been accepted and participated in several healthcare incubators and hackathons such as NYCEDC life science initiatives including the SBIR IMPACT NYC HEALTH TECH and elabNYC programs, NYCSPACEAPPS, NYCbigapps, NIHUB accelerator, and SONSIEL Nurse Hackathon.

Robin Cogan


Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN


Rhonda Collins, DNP, RN, FAAN, is the Chief Nursing Officer at Vocera, where she works closely with nurses, physicians, IT professionals, and other hospital leaders around the world to improve the lives of patients, families, and care teams by improving clinical communication and simplifying workflows. A nurse for more than 30 years, Dr. Collins is a co-founder of the American Nurse Project dedicated to elevating the voices of nurses through interviews, an award-winning book, and a feature-length documentary. Dr. Collins was named a Fellow by the American Academy of Nursing in 2019 and has received several industry accolades for her work. She earned her bachelor’s degree and a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, and a master’s degree in nursing administration from the University of Texas. She is a published author and a sought-after speaker on the evolving role of nurses, the impact of cognitive overload on clinicians, and how to use communication technology to improve care team safety, collaboration, and well-being.

Paul De Raeve


Paul De Raeve has been a registered nurse since 1984. He obtained a master’s degree in nursing science at the Free University of Brussels, a master’s degree in Statistics from the Catholic University of Brussels, and a Ph.D. degree from the Kings College University of London. Paul holds an Adjunct Professorship at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore (US) since 2018. Paul was appointed as staff manager at the Free University Hospital of Brussels, part-time delegated to the Belgium Ministry of Health and Environment. He was responsible for developing a national comparable data warehouse for nursing, introducing qualitative indicators within the hospital financing system, and providing data for the political decision-making process. In 2002, Paul De Raeve was appointed as General Secretary of the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN) and in 2015 EFN members asked him to establish and develop the European Nursing Research Foundation (ENRF). EFN EU lobby activities relate to the promotion and protection of nurses and the nursing profession with particular reference to the EU political agenda, especially the European Social Pillar priorities, including the digitalization of the health and social care ecosystem. Working towards this mission includes ensuring that nursing is central in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the European Health and Social Policy in the field of education, workforce, and quality and safety.

Barbara Glickstein


Barbara Glickstein is a public health nurse, health reporter, and media strategist. She is Principal of Barbara Glickstein Strategies, a training company in strategic communication and media training. Glickstein produces HealthCetera, a podcast that provides evidence-based health news, analysis, and commentary. She is a strategist for Carolyn Jones Productions on feature-length documentaries The American Nurse and Defining Hope and In Case of Emergency. Barbara has trained national leaders in healthcare on how to be a media maker in both traditional and digital media to advance the health of the public and public policy. Glickstein serves on the Board of Project Kesher, a global Jewish feminist women’s advocacy organization.

Shailadi Gupta


Josiah Jackson-Okesola


Josiah Jackson-Okesola  is an African multi-award-winning nurse innovator, outstanding global nursing advocate, mental health guru, and digital media strategist passionate about elevating the nursing profession and raising the profile and status of nurses around the globe.

In recognition of his contribution in the field of nursing advocacy and leadership, he earned his first international award in 2013 from the highest global nursing body, the International Council of Nurses, Geneva, Switzerland.

He is a member, Founder, Board, Inspire Nurses Network Africa, Founder/Lead Innovator, Nurses on Air , and a member of the Advisory Panel for America’s foremost media advocacy organization, ‘The truth About Nursing’ U.S.A.

Josiah Jackson-Okesola is the lead innovator at The African Nurse Network, a continental network of over 15,000 African Nurses from across 10 African countries and 5 continents.

From his base in the United Kingdom, he is currently working with some of Africa’s most innovative nurses on re-shaping the future of African nursing in the field of healthcare, nursing innovation, and global healthcare leadership.

Dr. Jalil Johnson


Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly attended Ohio State University and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Allied Medical Professions – Health Information Management and Systems. He also attended the Mt. Carmel College of Nursing and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In May of 2020, Justin graduated with a master’s in Healthcare Innovation. He is an innovative nursing leader with 10 years of experience in delivering expert oncology nursing care that aims to improve the patient experience and transform the bedside nursing profession. Justin has spent most of his career seeking professional development opportunities that illustrate to everyone that nurses, in any role, can do just about anything.

As a current intensive care unit nurse, Justin continuously strives to be an advocate for the patients and families he provides care for, as well as for himself and his colleagues. In addition to working in the ICU, Justin serves as the James Nursing Leadership Council Co-Chair, the James Nursing Innovation and Research Council Co-Chair, and is a 2021 Fellow for Nursing – Government Affairs and Advocacy. In 2022, he will become a member of the ANA Innovation Business, Entrepreneurship, and Intrapraneurship Committee. In his spare time, Justin enjoys biking along the Olentangy River and spending time with his family.

Marion Leary


Marion Leary is the Director of Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing. As the Director of Innovation at Penn Nursing, she works to amplify and educate nurses as leaders in health and healthcare innovation. Ms. Leary is a member of the American Nurses Association’s Innovation Advisory Committee and a Founding member of the Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders (SONSIEL). She is a host of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing podcast, Amplify Nursing, and a contributor to the American Nurses Association’s official journal, the American Nurse as part of the My Nurse Influencer’s column. In August 2019 she was named as an Influencer of Healthcare winner in the category of Excellence in Innovation by the Philadelphia Inquirer. In 2017, she was named Geek of the Year for her outstanding achievements in Philadelphia’s vibrant geek community in the areas of innovation, technology, and activism.

Joshua Littlejohn


Joshua leverages over 10+ years of experience across different healthcare ecosystems to create products and experiences that bring value to patients, providers, and communities. He has a particular passion for products that not only keep us healthy but foster better connections between people.

Cara Lunsford

Rana Abdel Malak

Rhonda Manns


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rhondajmanns/

Recognized as one of LinkedIn’s Leaders in Nursing, Rhonda Manns is an RN who reaches the nation’s most vulnerable populations by bridging the gap between clinical care delivery and software development teams. She serves on the SONSIEL Board of Directors for Nursing Innovation and joyfully brings awareness of the value of nurses in non-traditional spaces.

Johan Mullern-Aspegren


A little less conversation, a little more action. Please 🙂

Charlene Platon


Peter Preziosi


Marcia Proto


Marcia enjoys a successful career as an entrepreneur while working full-time in State & National Association leadership, nurse education, healthcare fundraising, and statewide coalition building.

She is currently the Executive Director for the Connecticut League for Nursing and the Connecticut Center for Nursing Workforce; as well as, owner of Marcia Proto Consulting, LLC. Her life’s work has involved connecting people through education and skills training toward fulfilling career paths, particularly in the healthcare field. She has held management positions at The Connecticut Hospital Association, Junior Achievement of South-East CT, Flath & Associates Consulting, and The National League for Nursing (NLN).

She has spent the past 15 years ensuring that the nursing workforce will meet the nation’s growing healthcare needs by contributing to and engaging in state and national task force activities such as the Center to Champion Nursing in America a national initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in collaboration with AARP, and a Member of the National FORUM of State Nursing Workforce Centers. Marcia has also led various volunteer initiatives and garnered numerous honors and awards.

Pamela Ressler


Kelley Rieger, MSN, PNP


Dr. Michelle Schmerge

Michelle Schmerge is a doctorally prepared nurse who has spent over 15 years working to improve care for older adults. Dr. Schmerge is the CEO and Co-founder of Remote Health. Remote Health aims to give consumers access to high-quality, nurse-led team-based healthcare whenever and wherever they need it most. Additionally, Dr. Schmerge is a practicing adult nurse practitioner (NP) specializing in the care of an aging population in the home setting. Prior to founding the company, Michelle served as Vice President of Population Health and Care Transformation for Advanced Home Care, overseeing clinical quality, the development of strategic networks, and care model redesign. She has also served as the Director of Post-Acute Care for Novant Health and started an independent medical clinic in Charlotte, NC.

Michelle received a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and a Master of Science in Nursing degree from Vanderbilt University and holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree from Yale University. Dr. Schmerge was named a 2019 Great 100 Nurse in the state of North Carolina and was the Joanne S. Stevens Political/Legislative Nurse of the Year for 2016. Michelle regularly volunteers with the North Carolina Nurses Association, advocating for the advancement of nursing. Michelle, her husband, and two children live in Denver, NC where they enjoy the lake with family and friends.

Bongi Sibanda


Veronica Southerland


Amy Rose Taylor


Pramila Thapa

Agnes Therady


Dr. Nicole Thomas


Dr. Nicole Thomas made it her life’s mission to utilize her clinical knowledge and expertise to positively impact the lives of all receipts of the healthcare system. She is the founder and principal consultant of Impact Nurse Consulting, a healthcare consulting firm that provides innovative and quality-based solutions that lead to high-quality patient health outcomes for healthcare organizations globally.

She has led in her roles as a nurse-leader, associate director, and educator for various fortune 500 companies in the area of medical & clinical operations. In addition, Dr. Thomas led a fortune 7 managed care organization in developing, implementing, and evaluating clinical programs during the transition of Louisiana Medicaid to a managed care system which resulted in an 87% increase in patient health outcomes & an annual $3.2 cost-savings. During her tenure as the associate director for medical & clinical operations, Dr. Thomas consistently maintained a 98% success rate on her ability to lead a successful team of healthcare professionals in the areas of productivity, education, motivation, and empowerment which has afforded her the opportunity to be the recipient of the Super Hero award, a prestigious award in which over 1,500 were nominated but only 125 were selected.

She is also the author of the best-selling book “In Health On Purpose: Awakening Your True Calling In The Healthcare Profession” which was #6 in the professional development category on Amazon.

Jasper Tolarba


Jennifer Wallace MSN, RN, CNE

Jen is a maternal-newborn health nurse with extensive clinical experience in inpatient and community settings such as newborn intensive care, postpartum, well-baby, and special care nursery, home care, and a community-based wellness center.

She is currently an Assistant Professor of Nursing in an ADN program in the Boston area. She obtained her BSN at Fitchburg State University and MSN in Acute Care Pediatric Nursing at Boston College and completed the Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education Program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2020. She has held certification as a certified nurse educator since 2020.

Jen was the recipient of the 2019 Massachusetts /Rhode Island National League for Nursing Nurse Educator Scholarship and was recently appointed to their Board of Directors. She has a passion for teaching and learning and is very interested in how students access the content of nursing school curricula.

Jen participated in a fellowship program with SONSIEL, the Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders, where she has furthered her interest in transformative change in Nursing Education. Along with other SONSIEL members, Jen contributed to the book, The Rebel Nurse Handbook – Inspirational Stories by Shift Disruptors released in March 2020. Jen has participated in multiple virtual NurseHack4Health events taking on the role of a team member, pitch coach, and track lead support. She’s excited to share her knowledge and expertise while learning alongside her students and nurse colleagues in the practice setting.

Robert Wingo


Robert is a board-certified informatics nurse with 25 years of experience in nursing informatics. For the past 23 years, his focus has been on nurse staffing and scheduling, nursing budgets, and nursing productivity. He developed a passion for using data to better understand and improve nursing care delivery during this time. Robert has recently uncovered a long-standing, flawed nursing budget process that increases a facility’s risk of understaffing. He has newly formed Perceptive Staffing Innovations, LLC, to provide consultation and education services to empower healthcare facilities to create safe and effective schedules by leveraging staffing, scheduling, productivity, and financial data to understand their staffing capacity better. Robert has also recently launched The Nursing Informatics Blog at informaticsnurse.com, where he covers topics of interest to nursing informatics professionals.

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