Meet IntelyCare’s Nurses

IntelyCare was built by nurses, for nurses. We know, we say that a lot, but we think it’s an important distinction.

We care deeply about the happiness, safety, and overall well-being of our nursing professionals (IntelyPros), and the quality and level of training each of them. To achieve that, we believe it’s essential to have nurses on our team that both understand what it’s like to work in a skilled nursing facility, and more importantly, understand how hard it is to be a nurse. So, we wanted to introduce you to two of the most integral members of our team, Chris and Janiene, who check both of those boxes.

Chris, our Co-Founder and Chief Nursing Officer, brings a diverse nursing background and an extensive tenure educating his fellow nurses. He and our co-founder, Ike Nnah, were inspired to create IntelyCare after they witnessed unsafe, inefficient staffing practices that put both nurses and patients at risk.  From design and development of the app to the continued education and training of nurses, Chris has a hand in almost every facet of the business. He also works to build personal relationships and meaningful interactions with our IntelyPros.

Our Quality Assurance Education Nurse Manager, Janiene, is also a Registered Nurse. She works both with our partner facilities and with our nurses to uphold the quality of care and clinical competence of our team. As a nurse with agency experience, Janiene plays the vital role of both advocate and educator for our nursing professionals.

Our internal nursing team is vital to what we do – they are committed to establishing a culture of IntelyPro excellence, which includes making sure our IntelyPros are fully prepared to work when they step into their first facility, having their back if there’s ever an issue, and making sure they have all the tools necessary to deliver the best possible care to their patients.

We could not think of two better people to work with our nurses on a daily basis. So, we’d like you to get to know them as well as we do. Below are excerpts from our two spotlight blogs on Janiene and Chris.

An excerpt from Janiene’s spotlight:

“I’ve always loved being there for people, but what I really fell in love with was patient care. I saw how my presence and personal touch affected my patients. I found that I had a knack for bringing peace to my patients and I could easily put them at ease when they became anxious about a procedure or diagnosis. I made them feel comfortable and cared for and I advocated for their needs. I also had a way with ‘difficult’ patients’. I soon realized that it was my ‘way’ with my patients that made them feel cared for.

Nursing is so much more than ‘a good paying job’. You need to have compassion, empathy, and be willing to go the extra mile for your patient.

Those are the qualities of a truly good, dedicated nurse.”

Read the rest of Janiene’s spotlight here. 

An excerpt from Chris’s spotlight:

“I’m consistently amazed and proud of our IntelyCare Nurses & Nursing Assistants. Nursing is not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination, but our nursing professionals continue to complete shifts while providing amazing care to patients at our facilities. I really do love getting to come into work every day knowing that we are helping Schedulers safely staff their facilities, Directors of Nursing get the coverage they need on each floor, and Administrators meet their required staffing ratios.

As if that isn’t cool enough, we are helping nurses take charge of their lives. Now, nurses have the flexibility to be in complete control of their schedules. Ultimately, we are also helping patients receive better, more compassionate, quality care because our nurses don’t suffer from as much burn out.”

Read the rest of Chris’s spotlight here.

We have been celebrating nurses all week long! You can read our thank you to nurses here.

IntelyCare was created by nurses, for nurses. We’re here to take care of those who take care of everyone else; our staffing solution gives nurses the opportunity for a better, more flexible schedule to help reduce nurse stress. At IntelyCare, we’re driven to offer nurses and CNAs healthcare’s best working experience. Apply today.


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