IntelyCare Spotlight: Janiene Morris, RN, WCC

IntelyCare Spotlights Janiene Morris, our resident nurse, and Quality Assurance Education Nurse Manager.

In her role as Quality Assurance Education Nurse Manager, Janiene works with both facilities and nurses to uphold the quality of care and clinical competence of our team. As a registered nurse with agency experience, Janiene plays a unique role as an advocate and educator for nurses. We are lucky to have her on our team, and we hope you’ll enjoy getting to know a bit more about her. 

Janiene, what inspired you to become a nurse?

I originally became a nurse because I needed a career with security and hours outside a typical nine to five job so that I could be there for my two sons. Plus, I knew that becoming a nurse would give me the financial independence that I needed.

What is it about nursing that you most enjoy?

I’ve always loved being there for people, but what I really fell in love with was patient care. I saw how my presence and personal touch affected my patients. I found that I had a knack for bringing peace to my patients and I could easily put them at ease when they became anxious about a procedure or diagnosis. I made them feel comfortable and cared for and I advocated for their needs. I also had a way with ‘difficult’ patients’. I soon realized that it was my ‘way’ with my patients that made them feel cared for. Nursing is so much more than ‘a good paying job’. You need to have compassion, empathy, and be willing to go the extra mile for your patient. Those are the qualities of a truly good, dedicated nurse.

Why do you love working with IntelyCare and with nurses?

I know that working for an agency has its challenges and I want to be there to provide support and education to our nurses, so they feel someone understands the challenges they face daily.

Based on your experience, how do you think IntelyCare improves the nursing experience?

Our Quality Assurance Team provides the nurses with a personal touch that they don’t get at your average agency. I can be an advocate for them when they need it, and I can be a resource if they’re seeking information. I believe this personal touch can help them become better nurses; we all make mistakes, but we don’t always get the opportunity to learn from them, nor do we always have someone to reach out to us to talk about how the mistake could have been avoided or corrected. If one of our IntelyPros has a misstep, we can recognize where they took a wrong turn, we can reach out to them for some re-education, and through that process, help them to avoid making future mistakes. IntelyCare also is there for our IntelyPros when they go above and beyond – we make sure to reach out to IntelyPros individually with praise from facilities so that they know they are valued. Nurses work hard, and they deserve to have someone rooting for them every step of the way.

How does your experience as a nurse inform the work you do here at IntelyCare?

Being a nurse is very helpful in my role because I have walked many miles in our nurses’ shoes. I also understand the terminology when speaking with nursing facilities, along with what is expected of nurses and nursing assistants. I can also empathize with both the nursing facilities and the nurses. This makes it easy for me to build a solid relationship built on trust with both.

Anything else you think our IPs would love to know about you or nursing?

My career goal is to become a nursing educator on the college level. I owe a great deal to those who taught me how to be a safe, compassionate, well-educated nurse and that has taken me very far in my 12 years of nursing. I would like to ‘pay it forward’ and teach nursing students before they get out into the field so that they too will be successful, competent, and compassionate nurses.

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