What To Expect On Your First Shift

First shift ready nurses from IntelyCare

We know that you’ve worked hard to get through the onboarding process with our IntelyPro Champions and start your work as an IntelyPro! Although it’s exciting to take advantage of a flexible work schedule, competitive pay, and quality benefits, it can be nerve-wracking to go to a new facility, meet new people, do new tasks, and take on new responsibilities. Plus, you might be unsure of what to expect when you take your first shift with IntelyCare. 

Well, we’ve got you covered! Below we share what you can expect on your first shift. 

Accepting Your First Shift 

To accept your first shift with IntelyCare, open your app and navigate to the “Explore” tab. This will show you open shifts in your area. You can scroll through these shifts and see the following information about each: 

  • Facility name 
  • Facility location 
  • Distance from your home address 
  • Shift date 
  • Shift time 
  • Shift rate 
  • PPE supply and COVID-19 status 

You can click on a shift that interests you to get additional ‘Shift Details’. If you want to work the shift, you need to click on the blue ‘Accept’ button. Additional information about the facility will pop up on your screen. If you still want to accept the shift, you must click the blue ‘Accept’ button again. 

Next, you will see a pop-up that asks you to confirm that you agree to work the complete scheduled shift. Click ‘Yes’. You will then see a screen confirming that you have secured the shift! 

Preparing for Your First Shift 

Here are some of our tips to prepare you for your first shift.  

What to Wear 

Do wear: 

  • Clean, well-fitting nursing scrubs  
  • IntelyCare ID badge (make sure it is visible!) 
  • Closed toe shoes 
  • Minimal jewelry 

Don’t wear: 

  • Ill-fitting scrubs 
  • Jeans or activewear 
  • Open-toed shoes 
  • Clunky jewelry, or jewelry that is likely to get caught in a patient’s clothes 

Note: you should also have clean, trimmed nails that are at an acceptable length. 

What to Bring 

You never know when you might need a backup item during a shift! While the facilities you work for should be well-stocked with all the tools and supplies you might need, you will certainly get “bonus points” if you are able to come to the rescue with a back-up item when something might be needed. 

In addition to bringing a water bottle and your lunch or dinner with you to your shift, you should consider packing a bag that contains the following items: 

  • Blood pressure cuff 
  • Tympanic thermometer 
  • Pulse oximeter 
  • Pen 
  • Notebook 

Note: Try to fit everything into one compartmentalized bag and leave your valuables in your car or at home! 

Get Familiar with Your Facility 

Picking up your first shift at a facility that is new to you can be intimidating. If you are apprehensive about walking through the doors for the first time, we can help you schedule an orientation to get to know the building, residents, staff, and documentation system ahead of time. 

As an IntelyPro, you will have access to an IntelyPro Success Manager. This person is your “go-to” for all your questions and concerns. They are the person who can help arrange this orientation with the facility to review expectations and help you get familiar with the building prior to your shift. 

Note: The best time to have this orientation is typically 30 minutes before your first shift begins. 

Checking in to Your First Shift 

When you arrive for your first shift with IntelyCare, it is important that you follow the check in protocols. Here is what you will need to do: 

  1. Arrive at the facility at least 15 minutes before your shift is scheduled to begin. 
  2. Open your IntelyCare app and confirm your accepted shift. 
  3. Head directly to your unit and find the head nurse in charge. 
  4. Open your IntelyCare app again and select “Check-in.” 
  5. Ask the head nurse or supervisor to provide a signature in the app, confirming that you have arrived for your shift. 

That’s it! After you have checked in, the head nurse or supervisor will let you know what your responsibilities are and direct you where to go. 

Note: You will also need a signature to check out of your shift! 

How to Have a Successful First Shift 

  • After you check in, gather any log-in information and/or passwords you may need for the shift ahead and make sure that they work. If you are confused about anything, ask the head nurse or supervisor for help! 
  • Ask to review the facility’s Agency binder by asking a unit manager. Also ask to review the patients’ care plans. 
  • Make sure you take detailed documentation of the care you are providing throughout your shift. This is critical! If documentation that you are responsible for is incomplete, you will be required to return to the facility to complete it. 
  • Ensure all quality care and best nursing practices are being performed. 
  • Make sure to take your meal break and take it at the appropriate time. Ask the head nurse or supervisor what time that is, and where you should go. You are entitled to your meal break! 
  • Be yourself! The residents you care for during your first shift will be the first people you make an impact on during your career as an IntelyPro. Make memories with them that you will carry forward with you during your IntelyCare journey! 

When your shift has ended, make sure you have addressed all your responsibilities or properly passed them on to the next shift.  

Don’t forget to properly “check out” of your shift on the IntelyCare app with a signature from the head nurse or supervisor, and to really make a good impression, thank them for any support they provided during your shift. 

If you had a great shift, make sure to log in to the IntelyCare app and accept another shift at that facility! 

Trust The Process 

The first time doing anything new can be scary, but it can be exciting too! Approach your first shift with IntelyCare with an open mind and a willingness to learn. When the process of taking your first shift is easy and stress-free, you can spend more time and energy connecting with your coworkers and giving the best care possible to your patients. And when you’re at your best, you can enjoy your work and positively impact your patients and the facility. 

No matter how your first shift goes, we are here to support you. If you need assistance, you can always call, text, or email your IntelyPro Success Manager. If you want to let us know how great your first shift with IntelyCare was, we are here to celebrate with you, too! 

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2021 and has been updated in July 2022 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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