5 Side Gigs Nurses Should Consider

5 side gigs nurses should consider

We know nursing is a demanding job and that many nurses have their hands full with their current work hours. But if you’re a nurse who’s looking to make a little extra on the side while still being a care provider, then look no further! We’ve listed a few side gigs for nursing professionals to consider.

Nurse Freelance Writing

Freelance writing may be the perfect side hustle for a nurse with strong writing skills. Whether it’s blog writing for healthcare news publications, or review writing for healthcare services and products, nurses with solid writing skills are in demand. Plus, nurses can work this job anywhere, anytime. 

Online Nurse Tutoring

If you’re an RN who enjoys working with students, consider online nurse tutoring when you’re not on call. A nursing tutor helps new nursing students with their class assignments and answers any questions they may have. Online tutoring allows you to work remotely for a school’s tutoring department while making up to $30 an hour. Remote tutoring will enable you to easily set your own hours and price to suit your work schedule and lifestyle, just like you can as an IntelyPro. Some online nurse tutoring positions are available at places like Brainfuse or Wyzant. You may also consider tutoring for Local or Community Colleges near you.

Health and Wellness Consulting

RNs with a passion for health and wellness may be a good fit for workplace health and wellness consulting. If you have experience in Human Resources and are familiar with using freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, health and wellness consulting for workplace environments may be perfect for you. Salary.com puts the average hourly rate for nurse consultants at $40 as of January 2020.

Get Creative

Nursing can be emotionally taxing and exhausting. So many nurses use their hobbies as a way to decompress after a tough shift. Some like to hike or go on jogs while others enjoy knitting and crafting. If you’re one of these nurses and want to see how you can turn your hobby into productive activity, then selling your crafts may be a great side hustle for you. Social media and platforms like Etsy make it easier than ever for crafters to sell their handmade items and apparel online. You might as well turn your relaxing hobby into a little extra income, like one of our IntelyPros, Shakira, who, in addition to working as an LPN, owns her own knitting and crocheting side business!

Per-Diem Nursing 

If caring for people is what you love and being a nurse is part of who you are but feel stressed with inflexible schedules and a lack of work-life balance, then per-diem nursing may be the option.  But before you dive into per-diem nursing, consider the benefits of working as a W2 employee versus a 1099 employee.

If you’re interested in a per-diem side gig, IntelyCare might be the right place to start!


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