A Better Way to Filter and Search for the Perfect Shift

You asked for a better experience, and we heard you. We’ve redesigned the IntelyCare app’s shift filtering and search functionality – making it easier than ever to build your perfect schedule. 

All-New Search Feature

Want an easier, faster way to navigate to your ideal shifts? Look no further than IntelyCare’s all-new Search feature. Tap the animated search bar at the top of your screen to start narrowing your search by date, city, town, or specific facility.

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Tap the top of the screen to start searching for shifts.

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Browse by dates and by location, with the ability to isolate specific cities/towns and facilities.

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All search results take current filters and your eligibility to work into consideration. 

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Didn’t get the results you want? Navigate to Filters and adjust your preferences. 

New Filter Features

We’ve also improved the way you filter your shift preferences by adding additional filters, and a filter count on your explore page. You can toggle your shift filters at any time to control what types of shifts you see.


  • Choose your minimum rates, the maximum distance you’re willing to travel, specify the days/times you’d like to work, then click ‘Show Results’ to update your filters.
  • View the top of your screen to see what filters you have currently set.
  • Unhappy with your shift options? Remove some filters, and you’ll be able to view more shift options.
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Finding shifts just got easier.

See for yourself – explore our new features today.