Boost Shift Rates

Prioritize and fill shifts that matter the most.

Filling shifts shouldn't be hard. But sometimes it is.

Boost gives facilities the power to boost the rate of any shift by 15-100% to dramatically increase the likelihood of your hard-to-fill shifts being filled.

Simple Approval Workflow

We make it easy for anyone on your staff to request a boosted rate on a shift. A couple clicks is all it takes. But some facilities need more control. The answer? Turn on the approval workflow.

When a facility user sets a boost rate, they see a notification that it has gone for approval. Users with approval authority see the request, click to approve, and the shift is promoted.

Boost Single or Multiple Shifts

Boost allows you to boost the rate of shifts to make your shift more appealing to IntelyPros and increase your chances of it being filled.

Your facility will only be charged the promoted billing rate if an IntelyPro works this shift. You can boost a single shift, multiple shifts, or all pending shifts.

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