IntelyCare Scheduling

Tired of going back and forth via phone and email, then creating a new schedule in a spreadsheet, or worse, on paper?

Organize and connect with your fulltime staff with IntelyCare Scheduling, a free scheduling platform that allows your staff to view their schedules, pick up shifts, and arrange for swaps with other staff members…all in one place.

Need occasional per diem staff to supplement your full time staff? Our staffing platform is fully integrated in cities/areas we cover.

IntelyCare Scheduler Setup
Integrated Staffing

Integrated Staffing

Our industry-leading staffing solution is directly integrated for when you need the extra help

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Free. Yes, FREE.

The IntelyCare Scheduling platform is free to use for single facilities with up to 150 employees

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Save 20 Hours a Week

Eliminate time-consuming tasks like shift swaps and predict/fill your gaps faster

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Simple to Setup & Use

A self-guided setup process and easy-to-follow videos get you up and running quickly

Ready to ditch those spreadsheets?

Increase Engagement & Retention

Engage with your full-time staff directly through their mobile devices and give them the power to swap or pick up shifts.

They will thank you for it.

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Predictive: See potential gaps before they happen, then fill them before they become an issue.

Instant: Staff can see shifts and swaps on their phones as soon as they are entered in the system.

Delighted: Happy staff means better outcomes, less burnout, and increased retention.

Ready to simplify your scheduling?

IntelyCare Scheduler Setup

What You’ll Need

Have this information handy during setup:

  • Facility Name, Address, Contact Info
  • Number and Description of Floors/Areas
  • Schedule – One Week or Two?
  • Staff Names and Cell Numbers
  • Standard Roles and Shift Times
  • Fulltime Staff Regular Schedule(s)

Ready To Transform The Way You Work?

The best way to see the value of IntelyCare is to see it in action. Get in touch today, and our team will be happy to provide a hands-on demonstration for your facility.

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