Hire Contract Nurses Through IntelyCare

Searching for reliable nursing professionals to staff your healthcare facility for contracted engagements?

Hire contract nurses and nursing assistants through IntelyCare. We have a qualified, engaged, and reliable pool of nurses and nursing assistants ready to fill staffing gaps.

Coverage When You Need It

  • Scrambling to fill multiple shifts at your healthcare facility due to staff leave, vacation, or general burnout? With IntelyCare you can schedule shifts that span a period of time, giving you more consistency in your scheduling. 
  • We have IntelyPros who are ready to sign short-term contracts for any agreed upon length of time, with set shift schedules and pay rates. Whatever your healthcare facility’s needs may be, we have a nursing professional who can sign on to support you! 
illustration of facility worker scheduling nurses on calendar


  • Wish you could hire one of our IntelyPros in a more full-time capacity? We can help you set up a contract with that provider! 
  • A nurse or CNA who is familiar with your healthcare facility and procedures, and with whom you have a trusting relationship, will need little to no orientation, will be on time and engaged, and will be able to provide excellent patient care. 

Consistent Care 

  • Bothered by having so many different nursing professionals caring for your patients? Hiring a specific IntelyPro to visit your healthcare facility for a set period of time will give your patients continuity of care, leading to better health outcomes.

We’ve Got You Covered 

With IntelyCare contract assignments, you can schedule an IntelyPro just as you would your full-time staff to help fill staffing vacancies, whether they are planned or unexpected. Let us help you get started today. 

Submit Your Contract Requests

A member of the IntelyCare team will follow up about your request shortly after you submit the below form.

Contract Request Form

Looking for per diem help instead? We’ve got you covered, too. Submit our talk to us form and we’ll reach out to you!