Thanks to all that participated! Scroll down to see the prize winners!

How Does It Work?

The lucky winners are…

Shannon W. – LPN
Wanda A. – RN
Syhida B. – CNA
Terrel L. – CNA
Bethany S. – CNA
Victoria F. – STNA
Richelle M. – CNA
Shereen F. – RN
Anamarie M. – CNA
Bennetta S. – LPN
Yakila H. – CNA
Joy P. – STNA
Inga J. – CNA
Noon O. – LNA
Theresa A. – RN
Kessoon V. – CNA
Antaneshia G. – CNA
Melissa R. – CNA
Samantha S. – CNA
Maria K. – RN
Marissa H. – CNA
Immacula N. – CNA
Carol C. – STNA
Robert M. – RN
Marvelys S. – CNA
Jacqueline S. – CNA
Trena F. – CNA
Adrianna O. – CNA
Angela K. – CNA
Shaunte D. – STNA
Derbine P. – CNA
Ida A. – LPN
Michael M. – CNA
Barbara F. – CNA
Romi C. – LPN
Daisy A. – LPN
Joana A. – CNA
Chelsi H. – CNA
Linda G. – CNA
Shakera H. – RN
Patricia B. – CNA
Kedanna R. – STNA
Caprice P. – CNA
Marquita T. – CNA
Danielle L. – CNA
Tammy K. – CNA
Brima K. – RN
Bridget D. – CNA
Kimberly B. – LPN
Kerry C. – CNA

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Convenience & Flexibility.

It’s the IntelyCare way. 

Whether you’re picking up a shift or picking out a gift, we want the experience to be as convenient as possible, and provide you with the utmost flexibility.

Amazon has millions of items to choose from and ships quickly – so you won’t have to worry about gifts arriving on time for the big day!

Maximize your entries before our promotion ends!








Ready to win?

Every shift completed is worth an entry – but keep a look out! Some are worth more!

The more shifts you work = more chances to win.

Rules, Eligibility, & Questions.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Who is eligible for this promotion?

All IntelyPros. In other words, you must be currently employed by IntelyCare to be eligible for this sweepstakes.

When does this promotion run?

This promotion begins December 3rd and runs through end of day December 18th.

When will you draw the winner?

IntelyCare will draw the winners at random on the morning of December 19. We will contact the winners using the email or phone number associated with their IntelyCare profile.

What else should I know?

All winnings are taxable and subject to ordinary witholdings, etc.

I have more questions! Who can help?

Please send an email to careteam@ and one of our friendly associates will reach out to you as soon as possible, or feel free to call our main number: (844) 683-5922

Can I win twice?

Your luck is impressive if you happen to be drawn twice! Either that or you’re a super-user with IntelyCare. Unfortunately, you cannot win multiple prizes.

When does the shift have to take place?

Any shift completed between December 3rd through the end of day December 18th will be eligible for entry into the giveaway. 

I won! When do I receive my prize?

We’ll be drawing the winners on December 19 and we will alert each winner that day. Each winner will receive a personal email and text message asking you to confirm your email address. Once you confirm your email address, we will send you your Amazon e-gift card.