5 Reasons to Consider Per Diem Nursing

5 Reasons to Consider Per Diem Nursing

If you’re tired of practicing nursing with limited freedom and flexibility, then consider working as a per diem nurse. With new technology, per diem work is a more viable option than ever for nursing professionals. There are a few key reasons why per diem nursing is worth considering. 

1. Work When You Want

One of the great benefits of working per diem is that you can work when you want. you have the option to decline a shift when it conflicts with other things in your life. So if you have a family gathering or a holiday approaching that’s important to you, you don’t have to fear that you’ll be assigned a shift during that time, and contractually obliged to fill it. 

2. Work Where You Want

Unlike full-time work for a facility, per diem nursing allows you the freedom to work where you want. Choosing when you work can free up the time to work per diem with other facilities, or through an agency. It’s easy to experience burnout when you work at the same place, doing the same tasks, with the same people. Nursing professionals often feel like their careers are stuck in the same place when working at the same facility, and there’s no income or experience mobility for them. So working where you want allows you to explore new facilities, give you the opportunity to float, adding new experiences to your resumé, and give you higher income potential.

3. Start A Side Gig

Per diem nursing allows you to work part-time as a nurse, leaving a lot of time to engage in another activity or profession. Whether it’s becoming a bartender at a local bar, freelance writing on nursing blogs, or starting your own online knitting business, the options are nearly endless! Having a side gig can give your life a little extra excitement and can keep you satisfied with both your nursing profession and side gig. Plus the extra earning potential can give you further career options in the future. If having a side gig still doesn’t sound like an exciting possibility, hear from LPN and IntelyPro, Shakira Hodge, from Ohio in our IntelyPro Spotlight Series.

4. Go Where The Pay Is Greatest

Instead of being stuck with a base salary, you can choose to work where the pay rate is highest. If you see that a particular facility pays higher than another, there’s no reason not to prioritize shifts that pay higher. You may also find that a certain facility has the work environment you prefer, whether it’s friendly staff or smooth operations. And oftentimes it’s worth it to work at the place you feel comfortable in even if it means a hectic schedule or uncompetitive pay rates. If that’s the case for you, then consider opting for the Book Me feature, which allows your favorite facility to book you for multiple shifts at the same location. 

6. New Ways To Work Per Diem

New technology can give you the benefits and support of a full-time nursing gig the freedom of per diem nursing. One of the usual drawbacks of per diem nursing is lack of stability. Traditionally, you have to sacrifice a steady paycheck to take advantage of the freedom and opportunities that per diem nursing provides. If you’re living in an area with fewer facilities, there is less of a guarantee that there will be a shift out there to work when you want to. So it’s easy to see how this can be a big risk for many nurses. However, with the new technology that IntelyCare harnesses, you can take that risk out of the equation. Our intelligent app curates shifts for you to choose from based on your location and desired pay, letting you  know what shift opportunities are out there, decreasing the day-to-day risk of not knowing when a shift will open up.


With IntelyCare, you’ll find the freedom and flexibility of per diem nursing, with the stability and benefits that you deserve. Are you ready to transform the way you work? Become an IntelyPro today!




IntelyPro Spotlight Series: Jackey Williams, CNA

IntelyPro Spotlight Series: Jackey Williams, CNA

Jackey Williams is a CNA from Providence, Rhode Island. She’s been a CNA for roughly 30 years and has a lifetime of nursing experiences and stories to share. Her nursing career began in 1990 when she came to the US from Liberia when she was in her 30s.

“As a CNA in a nursing home, I help patients and residents who are unable to help themselves. When I can give people the ability to live their lives and put a smile on their faces, it puts a smile on mine too. That will always be what gets me up in the morning to give care.”

Jackey talks about some of the tough moments that come with the rewarding job of being a long-term care provider. “When I started nursing, it was hard for me to handle when residents passed away. It broke my heart, to tell you the truth. But as I’ve gained more years of experience taking care of the elderly, I’ve gained a new perspective on life and death. The end-of-life process doesn’t affect me in the same way.”

Jackey Williams’ 30 years in the long-term care industry give her an invaluable perspective on what it means to care for people. 

“As a CNA, you have to step into the shoes of your patients. Many residents in long-term care facilities have families that care for them. When I think about the fact that my patients are someone’s parents and grandparents, I’m able to take the time, effort, and patience to care for them like they’re my own family.”

Jackey knows what it’s like to give her heart and soul to her patients only to go uncared for as a nursing professional herself. So she makes a point to say how IntelyCare is an organization that cares deeply for its workers.

“In all my years as a care provider, I know what it’s like to care and be cared for. So I can feel that IntelyCare genuinely cares about its workers. That’s why I’m a proud IntelyPro. When I picked up my first shift, I knew I’d stick with this company. If you ever have questions and need to call, they’re always there to help and will speak to you so nicely. They’re always looking out for you as a caregiver. They get me. And that’s why being an IntelyPro is right for me. ”

Jackey notes that IntelyCare looks out for their caregivers by providing them freedom and flexibility in their work hours. When Jackey comes home from a long day, she looks forward to spending time with her grandkids.

“When I get home, I freshen up, sit down with the grandkids, and prepare food, read to them or watch TV shows with them. Right now, I can’t take my grandkids to go places and do fun activities because of the pandemic safety precautions. I don’t want them to get sick with the virus, so we make do with the activities we have inside. But I love to spend time with my two grandkids no matter what. They warm my heart.”

Jackey can’t wait for the days she can take her kids out to the park to play, meet other kids, and take care of them through childhood. Jackey has a unique perspective on life since she cares for the elderly during work hours and cares for her grandchildren when she’s home. But when she isn’t giving care to her patients and family, she loves listening and dancing to African music.

Jackey reflects on her life in the healthcare industry. She shares advice she wishes she gave herself as a young woman starting in the caregiving profession.

“What I would say to myself if I was 20 years old is, ‘Jackey, you should always respect people, know how to talk to people, and understand people’s problems because everyone has different problems and different ways of dealing with them.’ And I’d say, ‘Jackey, go to school and become an RN or Doctor.’”

Jackey’s time growing up in Liberia inspired her to enter the healthcare industry, saying that “In Liberia, they don’t have what we have over here. So I’d say, ‘Jackey, get an education as an RN or Doctor so that you can come back to Liberia and save people’s lives; give them the life-saving treatment they don’t have access to otherwise.’ When I came here, I was happy to become a CNA, but I wish I had taken the extra time to get all the documents I needed to go to nursing school or medical school.”

“My mom is still in Liberia,” says Jackey. “But I have my sisters here in the states with me. My sister was the one to show me IntelyCare! So I’m forever grateful for that.”

We take Jackey’s words to heart when she says, “IntelyCare leads the way. Everybody loves you guys. All I can say is keep it up!” 

Your words inspire us to care for our healthcare heroes every day the way they care for their patients. Thank you, Jackey!


IntelyCare gives nursing professionals like Jackey the ability to transform the way they work. Are you ready to take control of your life? Apply today to get started.

6 Tips For New Nurses

6 Tips For New Nurses

If you’re just starting as a nursing professional, you might feel excited, prepared, and nervous all at the same time. Some healthcare heroes were gracious enough to share the advice they received when they were starting as healthcare professionals, from Certified Nursing Assistants to Registered Nurses

Tips from our Nursing Professionals: 

1. Speak up – Alisha Brown – RN, OH 

“No matter the situation, always speak up for yourself,” says Alisha Brown. Facilities sometimes don’t give new nurses or per diem nurses who aren’t part of the facility staff the attention and support that’s need for them to do their jobs well. So Alisha says that learning to speak up for yourself is extremely important in those situations. The facilities may not know that you need guidance so letting them know what you need and asking lots of questions is crucial to providing quality care.

2. Keep learning – Shakira Hodge – LPN, OH

“Nursing and the medical field is ever-changing,” says Shakira Hodge. It’s important to understand that there is always more out there to learn and new discoveries are made every day. After finishing nursing school, it’s easy to think that you’ve learned it all. But Shakira understands that to be a good nurse, you have to evolve along with the medical field. After all, no two patients are the same, so it’s important to always expect new challenges. 

3. Listen and be respectful – Jackey Williams – CNA, RI

In Jackey’s spotlight interview, she said that if she were to go back in time to give herself a piece of advice, she’d say, “Jackey, you should always respect people, know how to talk to people, understand their problems because everybody has different ways of dealing with them.” In her years as a CNA, she’s helped countless people through their medical and emotional troubles. She speaks from experience when she says always to listen and be respectful to your patients no matter what.

4. Slow down – Crystal Miranda – CNA, MA

“Just slow down and try not to stress about everything,” says Crystal. It’s easy to concern yourself with all the little details and stress about remembering everything. When you feel rushed, just take a deep breath and focus on the one task that is in front of you before moving on. Crystal recommends using meditation apps to help de-stress if reminding yourself to slow down and take a deep breath doesn’t always work.

5. Float! – Beth Fournier – RN, MA

Beth lives for nursing. She loves keeping busy with her passion for nursing. “I know people usually don’t like floating. But for me, floating was a major part of my learning experience early on that allowed me to grow in my career and expertise,” says Beth. If you’re working at a facility with multiple units, try to take the opportunity to see how providing care differs in each environment because that knowledge can help give you a new perspective on how to provide the best care possible. 

6. Prioritize your education – Shannon Williams – LPN, PA

“Finish school early, not when you’re in your thirties because It’s a lot harder,” says Shannon Williams. Choosing between earning an income and continuing a nursing education can be a hard choice. But Shannon advises new nurses to finish school early because the longer you wait, the less able you are to prioritize schooling. So, in the long run, it hurts your earning potential to forgo schooling if it’s a feasible option for you.


IntelyCare allows nursing professionals more freedom and flexibility than ever before while providing competitive pay rates and benefits. With added financial security and the flexibility to work when and where you want, pursuing that crucial education to advance your nursing career is more achievable than ever. Become an IntelyPro today!


IntelyPro Spotlight Series: Lyndsey Sidle, RN

IntelyPro Spotlight Series: Lyndsey Sidle, RN

Lyndsey Sidle is an RN from Massachusetts. She’s a mother of five children and wife to a fellow nurse. She got her bachelor’s degree in chemistry and was on her way to graduate school when her life path took a turn…  

“About ten years ago, I went through a rough time after graduating from college. My father fell ill. After seeing how the nurses treated him with such compassion, I knew that I wanted to care for families like mine that need it. I chose to forgo graduate school and go to nursing school instead. That was a big decision to make.”

Until recently, Lyndsey worked in upstate New York, focusing on emergency medicine and ICU in her first few years. She worked in Medical Surgery for a while after graduating nursing school for the experience. Even though it was hard, she explains that “the learning experience of working in Med-Surg was invaluable. I’m sure you know this, but you graduate nursing school with a lot of book smarts but not a lot of clinical skills.” The facility she worked at has a plethora of different units, so she’d float around to all sorts of ICUs and notes how lucky she was to be able to do that. Not many people like floating, but Lyndsey says she “was a glutton for punishment” and found other specialties interesting to gain experience in. She then transitioned to education and long-term care and had been doing that until the pandemic hit. 

“When COVID-19 happened, my family and I had decided to move back to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I felt like my skills are most needed at the bedside because of what is going on in the world.” 

When she decided to use her skills out on the pandemic’s frontlines, that’s when she decided to become an IntelyPro. Lyndsey’s instinct to put her expertise to use in long-term care was right – nursing facilities desperately needed help. Many facilities accepted patients infected by COVID-19 – and not all staff members were well-equipped to manage infection control at the beginning of the outbreak. Lyndsey knows how to follow her heart in times like these while putting her skills to use where they’re needed most. 

“Having grown up with my dad who had lots of health issues, I’ve always had a passion to take care of people. I took care of him a lot when I was growing up because he was disabled and would stay at home with me. So watching him go through his illness throughout my life pushed me to the place I’m at now.”  

Family has always been at the heart of her passions whether it’s caring for her father, her patients and their families, or her own. She actually met her husband working together at an ER facility and they have been together ever since. After a while, they both transitioned into long-term care, agreeing that “emergency care isn’t easy. You see a lot that’s unsettling. When you have kids of your own it’s hard to see that kind of stuff.”  

After transitioning to IntelyCare, Lyndsey says she could “work a million hours just because of the need for nursing right now. IntelyCare is the most flexible agency I’ve come across and could allow me to work as much or as little as I want. I was pretty impressed by how easy it was to use the app and pick up shifts and make my own schedule instead of having to be tied to working every other weekend.” 

The balancing act of taking care of a family while working in high demand during this pandemic has taken a toll on Lyndsey. But she explains that IntelyCare allows her to work as much as she wants to meet the need, and then “take the next week off” to spend time with loved ones.

“I’ve been in situations before where you dread going to work because you know you’re going to get mandated. I work with a lot of nurses who are full-time and it’s hard for them. They really do get burned out because they’re locked into that schedule and there’s nothing they can do about it. And for me, I usually don’t pick up shifts too far in advance because of that. Just look at the app; there’s not really a shortage of available shifts. We all know that nurses are in high demand. It’s just great to be able to meet that demand with a sense of freedom.” 

“It’s sad because I see this a lot: I see great nurses get burned out over time, they’re unable to give as much as they can because they aren’t working when and where it’s best for them.” In a time when nurses are needed most, it’s crucial that they achieve some semblance of a work/life balance. It’s the only way they’ll be able to provide the best care possible to patients and residents. For Lyndsey, the flexibility has allowed her to meet the demand for frontline workers while still spending time with her family. 

Lyndsey takes a step back and speaks to the advice she wishes she had when she was starting out. “Expect the unexpected,” she says. “I thrive on schedules and consistency”, but knowing how dynamic and unpredictable the nursing industry and life are, she’d tell herself to “be a little more laid back.” She’s glad that she’s rediscovered horseback riding ever since moving back to Massachusetts, saying that her newfound schedule flexibility with IntelyCare has allowed her to rediscover her old hobby.  

Nursing professionals with a true sense of duty and compassion inspire us to help them achieve the life they deserve while doing what they live. So we’re honored to provide the freedom and flexibility that a true healthcare hero like Lyndsey deserves. Thank you, Lyndsey! 

IntelyCare gives nursing professionals like Lyndsey the ability to transform the way they work. Are you ready to take control of your life? Apply today to get started.




IntelyPro Champion Spotlight Series: Twiggy Duran

IntelyPro Champion Spotlight Series: Twiggy Duran

We’re excited to kick off a new Spotlight Series aimed at shining a light on the IntelyPro Champions that aid our IntelyPros in the recruiting process, to their first shift, and beyond. We’re proud to introduce one of our first IntelyPro Champions, Twiggy Duran, from Florida! 

I feel like it’s my baby to see the department flourish,” says Twiggy Duran, the first US-based IntelyPro recruiter for IntelyCare. Since the start of her journey with IntelyCare, August of 2019, the IntelyPro Lifecycle Success team (IPLS, for short) grew rapidly. When COVID-19 locked down the world, IntelyCare had to transform the way it operated. So in the IntelyCare spirit, Twiggy took the transformation as an opportunity to move back to her home state of Florida. 

She found that working from home suited her, so she’s living in Florida while working remotely. When her work took place in the Quincy, Massachusetts office, she found herself telling all kinds of stories to her desk neighbors. Twiggy notes that strange things can happen in life. So when IntelyPros hit road bumps along the way to taking their first shift, she’s there to listen and help.  

 You’ve helped so many nursing professionals get through the hiring process and onto their first shifts as IntelyPros. So what’s your approach? 

 “I want to encourage IntelyPros to talk and get comfortable. One day, an IntelyPro from Pennsylvania called in saying that she couldn’t finish the documentation process because a bear hit her car, rendering her unable to travel to required appointments. Her car was totaled. But once I knew that everyone in the car was ok, I couldn’t help but mention that down here in Florida, we have gators that do the same kind of things! And from there we moved forward with the documentation process, doing as much of it online as we could.”

It’s normal for many first-time IntelyPros to have a learning curve with new technology. Transferring from an in-person process to a tech-driven one is a big step. So Twiggy’s first piece of advice to IntelyPros is to “trust the process. It’s a new age with new technology that benefits you and is much more convenient than how you’ve done it in the past. Just make sure to ask questions and know it’s okay to have a learning curve on your first shifts.” Twiggy mentions that IntelyPros get the same high pay opportunities for each job or shift, whether it’s year one or year ten for the IntelyPro. “It’s one of the many features of using IntelyCare that our IntelyPros certainly like.  

Before working with Intelycare, Twiggy was an operations manager for a language school where international students would learn English through full immersion. “Over 2000 students would come through the program six weeks at a time, and double that in the summer. So we needed to hire and train a lot of people to facilitate that.” Twiggy’s experience hiring and recruiting large amounts of people lends itself to recruiting the best nursing professionals to the family of IntelyPros.   

What’s one thing you’ve learned in your experience as a hiring and recruiting specialist that applies to your work as an IntelyPro Champion? 

 “The one thing I’ve learned is that, regardless of if they’re happy, sad, disgruntled, or whatever they’re feeling, my goal is to get them to where they need to be. In this job you encounter people having good and bad days. So regardless of where they are, I want them to get to the next step. Even if it just means listening to them talk through the problem, that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve found that when I just have a warm conversation, we can find a solution together. It’s all about patience.” 

Twiggy has never felt more rewarded with a job than she has with IntelyCare. “The thing is, I know how hard these nurses work to become IntelyPros. So whenever I see that someone picks up a shift in a new facility or state, I’m just thrilled. Sometimes they even book a double shift and call me back to tell me how much they loved it. Nothing beats that.” If helping someone complete their first shift in a new job doesn’t call for a celebration, then what does? It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the chaos of managing IntelyPros. But Twiggy knows that the milestones she helps IntelyPros reach are worth it.   

A lot has changed at IntelyCare in the last few years. So what keeps you grounded when things seem to be moving fast? 

One thing that hasn’t changed is the camaraderie of our team. It’s grown so much, and we’re all working remotely, but we’re still so close that it feels like a family.” Twiggy gives a special shoutout to her “bestie, Robyn Grover.” On tough days Robyn is always there to get her to where she needs to be. “She saves me all the time. She gives me advice and always Slacks me a ‘good morning, best friend’… Mind you, we only met one time before going remote! And get this: When I was moving back to Florida from Boston, she was moving to Boston from Florida. We always say that fate had it that way because if we were in the same building together, we’d somehow burn it down.” Twiggy and Robyn make a dynamic duo and always have each other’s backs on tough days.


Aside from having Robyn by your side, are there activities or hobbies you have that help you de-stress? 

Because I have a 3-year old I don’t have any more hobbies. But I’m a Floridian, so I spend time at the beach and I used to play Roller Derby. I used to play all-female competitive Roller Derby, whoppin’ butts, full contact, the whole thing.” Before her days at IntelyCare, Twiggy would unwind by competing internationally on a Roller Derby team. The sport was her way to de-stress. “I used to be on the Board of Directors for the Roller Derby team and was able to get a deal with the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. They bought an outdoor rink for us, set up the bleachers, and gave us their entire backyard. We sold around 700 tickets, and it was a particularly crazy game – so much fun. 

Twiggy is always prepared for a new challenge, whether it’s assisting IntelyPros through to their first shift or competing on the Roller Derby rink. Twiggy’s genuine spirit and adventurous approach to life are truly special, and we’re lucky to have her on the IntelyCare team!

IntelyPro Champions are available 24/7 to provide our nursing professionals with hands-on support, and is just one of the many benefits for our nursing professionals.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an IntelyPro, click here.

If you’re interested in working in our corporate office as an IntelyPro Champion, explore our available opportunities here.

4 Ways Nurses Can Improve Work/Life Balance

4 Ways Nurses Can Improve Work/Life Balance

Nurses are experiencing burnout like never before. If you’re a nurse experiencing burnout, sometimes the first step to address it is to examine your work/life balance habits. Actively think about your headspace and leisure time in the context of work/life balance because it’s the first step in decreasing stress. Switching up your daily routines and habits to prioritize a healthy work/life balance is a great place to start.

1. Separate home from work

When the stresses of work come home with you, it’s hard to find the mental space to appreciate the things you enjoy about life. To try and separate work from home, some people practice meditation, others practice deep breathing, and others just need a hobby to help them refocus away from their work stress. Either way, taking your work headspace and home headspace seriously is a productive first step.

2. Pick up a hobby

Nurses with a strong work/life balance often have a hobby or two that keep them active at home. Keeping your mind and body active and productive can help make work feel less overwhelming. Scheduling time for physical fitness is a great way to give yourself some time to put away work stressors, get much-needed exercise, and give you a productive activity outside of the facility. Some nurses even pick up side gigs that can earn them extra money if they work per diem.

Active Hobbies

Activities like Yoga and jogging are low-cost and low-maintenance if you’re looking for an easy, socially-distanced way to get active. Whether it’s following yoga videos online or joining an outdoor boot camp, there are plenty of options out there to balance out your work and home life, and it might not be a bad idea to include a work friend if you’re trying a new activity for the first time!

Relaxing Hobbies

Maybe the intensity of a new workout routine just isn’t what you’re looking for out of a hobby. In that case, there are still plenty of options. From book clubs to knitting groups, whether it’s online or in-person, you have relaxing activities available to you that can help you achieve a positive work/life balance. Not to mention that many of these activities you can do in the peace and quiet of your own home! Some relaxing hobbies include painting, reading, knitting, or doing puzzles, all of which can give you a new sense of achievement and fulfillment outside of the nursing facility. 

3. Take breaks

Take breaks during your shift! It’s crucial to your mental health and your ability to provide quality care to give yourself a chance to rest and reset, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Taking breaks is also an essential piece of productive work. If your manager is overworked and loses sight of the need for breaks, it’s okay to remind them that taking a quick break to reset is okay. Letting them know they can take a break will open the door for you to talk about breaks during your shifts.

4. Start a conversation

Nursing professionals have had an exceptionally tough year. They risk their lives to work short-staffed during the pandemic, put in extra effort to cheer up residents, and manage their own mental health in a thankless job. And let’s be honest, nursing facilities have gotten the short end of the stick when it comes to the pandemic response – getting a lot of the blame and not a lot of support. It’s no wonder that the nursing facility environment can be a stressful and overwhelming one. 

If you’re feeling overworked at your facility, there’s a good chance that others are too. And it’s true that overburdened, stressed-out nurses can lead to costly mistakes at work. So don’t be afraid to start a dialogue with your facility’s management team to try and implement recognition programs, and actively facilitate a positive social atmosphere with co-workers, residents, and management alike.

At IntelyCare, we’re empowering healthcare heroes like you to transform the way you work. As an IntelyPro, you can take control of your work schedule and get the chance to earn more with competitive pay rates. With freedom and flexibility, you can take more time to focus on your work/life balance. Apply to become an IntelyPro here!