Rain or Shine, You Can Always Count on IntelyPros

At IntelyCare, we owe everything to our amazing IntelyPros. They are the reason healthcare facilities partner with us. The ability to fill those last-minute, seemingly impossible shifts, with reliable professionals who truly care is an administrator’s dream. 

But what happens when a facility’s entire staff calls off… during a hurricane? 

Just ask Kim Young, an LPN and the Director of Human Resources, Staff Development & Clinical Education at The Phoenix Center in Phoenixville, PA. She’ll tell you that our IntelyPros will weather any storm to care for their patients.  

Last week, Hurricane Ida tore through the East Coast, causing severe flooding throughout Chester County Pennsylvania. Situated between two creeks, the roads leading into the Phoenix Center were inaccessible.  

As it became clear that the internal staff would not be able to make it in for their shifts, Courtney Cramer, Melissa Calderon, and Cynthia Brown, already into their 8-hour shifts, decided to step up and stay on.

phoenix center, intelypro

Courtney Cramer, RN

Kim called me the following day, heaping praise on the three IntelyPros for their incredible commitment to her facility. “All three of them took it upon themselves. It wasn’t a boost in the IntelyCare app. These shifts were already boosted. I wasn’t throwing dollar signs in front of them,” said Kim. “They chose, independently, to stay and take care of the 94 people in this building.” 

Courtney, an LPN who just got her RN, was the supervisor on the 3-11 pm shift that the IntelyPros were originally scheduled to work. She texted Kim all night long, keeping constant communication and updates on who was on what floor and what tasks were being handled, providing assurance that The Phoenix Center’s residents were well and being cared for.   

I spoke to Courtney as well, who was returning to The Phoenix Center for another shift that night. “We were all supposed to be there for an 8-hour shift, but all three of us decided to stay. We can’t leave patients with no nurses,” said Courtney.

With almost 100 residents, a dementia floor that requires constant supervision, and a COVID floor, it‘s a severe understatement to say they were short-staffed. But Courtney, Melissa, and Cynthia banded together, working with all the residents, handling different tasks, bouncing ideas off each other, and really providing the care that the residents required.

“Nurses like these don’t just come along every day,” said Kim. “Relentless efforts like this and the superhero side that we have as nurses – you just can’t become that. These three girls were born to do what they do.” 

It’s that type of dedication to providing care that sets our IntelyPros apart and why our facility partners choose IntelyCare.  

“We can always depend on IntelyCare for staff. I have my dedicated ‘IntelyStaff’ in this building. They return over and over again. We know we’re not getting that person that just comes in for the pay, we’re getting people who care.” 

So, to Courtney, Melissa, and Cynthia, a huge thanks to you! Thank you for your unwavering commitment, for being the amazing IntelyPros that you are, and above all else, for providing excellent care for those who cannot care for themselves.

Ryan Moncrief is an IntelyCare Client Success Manager, located in Philadelphia, PA.  

Why I Work For IntelyCare: Ramon Clopton

Why I Work For IntelyCare: Ramon Clopton

Ramon Clopton is a Client Success Manager for IntelyCare. He lives and works in the Chicago area and is a University of Illinois graduate with a degree in Community Health. He’s an alumnus of its Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. With them, he helped organize a March of Champaign – a civil protest of the unfair treatment of Black people by police officers after the killing of Michael Brown. He is an active leader of Originally Greater, a lifestyle brand for individuals embracing their originality and greatness through fashion and community service, restoration and development. Ramon struggled with the toll of sacrificing his identity, compassion, efforts to uplift his community for his personal career in corporate America… Until he started with IntelyCare in 2020

I grew up on the South Side of Chicago where I developed a relentless desire to pursue my dreams and help others in my community achieve theirs. I vividly remember the fog of war – life’s tests and trials pulling my passion and purpose slowly from underneath me. It clouded my vision and drained me of purpose, causing me to dislike school and the path my education put me on. I was afraid to own my disbelief in the status quo. 

As I begin to reflect on my journey, my story, my trauma, and my healing, I realized that all of it is connected to how IntelyCare and its culture helped transform my mindset in and outside of the professional world. 

IntelyCare has not only given me the tools to excel professionally but has helped me build confidence in myself by refusing to exist within the status quo. As a Black man, I never thought that I would be graced with the unique opportunity and privilege to lead a culture of diversity that allows individuals to be their pure, authentic selves, all while helping us achieve greatness together. I could easily continue to use racism, discrimination, and lack of opportunities to justify my clouded mindset and behavior. But I wanted to evolve. I desired to be progressive in my thinking and my actions. I desired change. Before IntelyCare, I carried so much brokenness, confusion and pain, but that constant burden forced me to place my feet back on the pavement and rebuild the dreams I had as a child before the fog of war clouded my passion. 

I am proud to say that IntelyCare is not only building a culture and company that is revolutionary in transforming healthcare, but is committed to strengthening the communities it serves.

After the murder of George Floyd, the city of Chicago underwent days of mental and emotional depression that transformed into days of protests. Still in the heat of the pandemic, predominantly black communities had to deal with the despair of racism and murder. It was an agonizing feat on every end. Admittedly, I needed a mental break to not only recuperate with the exhaustion of racial trauma but figure out a way I could get involved in helping and supporting my community. Simply, I needed to realign and connect with my passions: community and mental health.



The killing of George Floyd re-ignited a passion in me that I wouldn’t sacrifice anymore. The amount of pain, destruction, suffering, yet unity I saw amongst the protests nation-wide moved my heart and soul to get back off the bench, let go off my fear, and get back into the fight. I no longer cared to sacrifice community development for the development of my own personal success. 

Only three months into my new career, I nervously reached out to my manager regarding my mental state, asking for space and time to be refilled, refueled, and re-committed to the vision. As I waited for what seemed like years for a response, I was pleasantly met with, “How are you? How can I help?” The following day, I received a call from the president of the company who mirrored my manager’s sentiment: “How are you? How can I help?” The support I received from IntelyCare as I prepared my mental and emotional state was unlike any support I’ve ever received from an employer. It emphasized their genuine commitment to not only healthcare and our communities but the value of people like me, who work to ensure health and community aren’t placed on the back burner. The overwhelming amount of support I received as I organized a community unity walk for George Floyd’s killing helped me gain confidence in leading the walk and inspire the community that stood behind it.

I am grateful to be a part of a company that asks, “how can I help?” Instead of telling me to sacrifice my identity and the community that matters to me.

IntelyCare has given me an opportunity to become a leader in diversity, inclusion, and community development not only in my community but within the internal company as well.

I work for IntelyCare because its mission and vision to care is supported with real, impactful action. 



IntelyPro Champion Spotlight Series: Robyn Grover

IntelyPro Champion Spotlight Series: Robyn Grover

Robyn Grover started her work with IntelyCare as a recruiting and credential specialist, where she interviewed prospective IntelyPros, helping them through the credentialing process and onto their first shift. When the team started to expand, her role did, as well. “In a year, my job has evolved a lot.” Now, she’s the manager of IntelyPro recruiting for the Northeast region, where she leads the recruiting for 11 different states helping IntelyPros fill their shifts there.

“I work very closely with Twiggy, she’s my best friend, and we’ve built a team of awesome recruiters that make sure IntelyPros get to their first shift and take shifts available to them.” 

Before her time at IntelyCare, she got her degree in psychology from Salem State. “I got my first job in a pharmacy where I gained experience in healthcare and customer service. I also worked in a corporate office for dialysis facilities. From that job, I gained valuable experience in the long-term care industry.”  

After working in the Massachusetts area for a while, Robyn needed a change of scenery. “I moved to Florida and lived down there for a little bit. I worked for a non-profit called The Council on Aging, continuing my work in the long-term care space. But I realized that I missed home, so I came back to Massachusetts where I found IntelyCare.”

Robyn is particularly drawn to working in the healthcare space. “I knew I wanted to work in places that care for people who need it. So I’ve always felt rewarded when I can help people help others. And it helps that it satisfies both my human and scientific interests.”

When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, how did it impact you and your role with IntelyCare? 

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, IntelyCare had to work hard to support the IntelyPros that risked their lives to provide care. “I’m proud to support those brave nursing professionals through the peak-pandemic period.”

Robyn is thankful to have such a great team of women around her to help each other grow and thrive. 

“This is the first company I’ve worked for that truly hears my voice. I tell people that this is the best job I’ve ever had. I’m encouraged to recommend changes that would make my job more efficient or suggest improvements to the IntelyPro experience. I didn’t think that I could do that a year ago. It’s hard to do that as a woman in business and it’s nice to be at a company that encourages me to speak my mind and use my voice.”

Twiggy set an example for Robyn to speak up and advocate for herself and for the IntelyPros she helps every day. “Twiggy is down to earth. She taught me how to talk to IntelyPros and support them on a career and personal level.” 

“My favorite part about working with IntelyPros is getting them to their first shift. Sometimes they aren’t sure if they have everything they need so I’m happy to answer any questions they have.”

So what should IntelyPros expect on their first shift?

“Shift details are always available in the app. It tells them where they need to go and what they need to bring. A charge nurse or supervising nurse checks them in when they arrive. They’ll also need clean scrubs, a photo ID, and closed-toed shoes. From there, the charge nurse will give them instructions on where to go and what to do. But before they get there, the app tells them everything they need to know, like what building to go to and if they need to check-in at a front desk or somewhere else.” 

There’s a moment that stands out to Robyn that encapsulates why being an IntelyPro Champion is the most rewarding job she’s had. 

“I was explaining to prospective IntelyPro about the freedom and flexibility she’ll have with us, along with the great pay and benefits that we offer. I held her hand through the whole process. She had a hard time uploading her documents, so I got her information uploaded for her. It was another source of income that she needed, and I can’t even begin to describe how rewarding it felt to say, ‘you’re going to have a paycheck next Friday.’ She was ecstatic. And honestly, so was I. I check her profile every once in a while to make sure she’s still working. I knew after that experience that this was the right place for me.”

Whether Robyn helps IntelyPros get to their first shift or advocates for herself in the workplace, she makes sure to ask questions and encourages others to do the same.

So what advice do you have for new members of your team?

“I always say these words to new people on my team: ‘You’re allowed to be new.’ When you start a new job, you don’t want to feel incompetent. But in reality, asking questions helps speed up the learning process. So I tell new team members that if they see something to improve upon, give us feedback, whether it’s in the training process or something that improves the IntelyPro experience. Maybe it’s something we overlook, but fresh eyes see.”

When Robyn isn’t assisting IntelyPros and boosting confidence in new team members, she has many hobbies that give her a chance to relax and reset. 

Robyn Grover Hiking

What do you do to unwind and relax when you’re not at work?

“I started hiking a few years ago. I’ve been going up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire on weekends to get fresh air and to decompress. It feels like a vacation to go up there and breathe for a minute. I recently hiked Diana’s Bath and Lockes Hill Trail. Both were out-of-this-world, beautiful. The other hiking trail I recommend is Halibut Point State Park in Rockport, Massachusetts. As long as there’s no snow, you can find me on a hiking trail.” 


Robyn is an avid chef too! “My grandmother was a great cook. I think that’s where I get it from. Before she passed away, she left me a cookbook of her recipes. But when I’m not using my grandmother’s cookbook, I follow a chef who runs a cooking blog. Her recipe for Chicken Parmesan Meatballs is delicious! If you’re looking for a new recipe, I recommend that one. With all the new cookware in the kitchen, I’m slowly becoming a self-taught chef… However, I still can’t get a burger right, and I don’t know why! I made one a few months ago and it was horrific! I can’t seem to get a burger right, but at least I can braise a short rib!” 

With her sense of compassion and adventure (and a sense of humor), whether it’s hiking a new trail, making a new dish, solving a new problem for IntelyPros, or lending a helping hand and a listening ear to them, Robyn exemplifies what it means to be an IntelyPro Champion. We’re lucky to have Robyn with us, helping improve the lives of our nursing professionals each day. 

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an IntelyPro, click here.

If you’re interested in working in our corporate office as an IntelyPro Champion, explore our available opportunities here.

IntelyPro Champions are available 24/7 to provide our nursing professionals with hands-on support, and is just one of the many benefits for our nursing professionals.

IntelyPro Spotlight Series: Beth Fournier, RN

IntelyPro Spotlight Series: Beth Fournier, RN

“I’m a nurse because taking care of people is what I do,” says Beth Fournier, RN from Massachusetts. 

“I became a nurse in 1996 and worked for the same facility for 25 years and did agency and home care on the side. I ran a sub-acute unit for a while and got pulled into the more bureaucratic side of nursing. We would get caught up in the managerial details and cutting costs, so I always had to remind my coworkers that, at the end of the day, we still have to take care of our patients.”

In 2019 her facility lost everything in a fire, so she had to start from scratch. “Just a few months later, my boyfriend got diagnosed with cancer. So I decided not to work my life away. In management, you tend to do that.” After working with the same facility for over two decades, Beth made a life-changing switch and worked for Boston Medical Center in employee health.

“I also started to go for my RN, so I took classes on the side as well. So when my mother developed dementia, I switched over to IntelyCare because I needed to take care of her full time. I didn’t have to sacrifice my education or my family and loved ones to maintain an income.”

Beth made new connections and has helped new people during this transitional period for her. Solving new problems in new places has helped her keep a fresh perspective on nursing.

“In the past few weeks, I worked at a new facility where I was told there was a particularly tough patient. She was difficult to work with and particularly hard on agency staff. But when I was taking care of her, she said, ‘you’re not too bad at all.’ My coworkers kept saying, ‘if she likes you, you’re in.’”

In her many years of experience in nursing, Beth has learned a lot about what it means to be a caregiver.

“There are so many memories I have of helping people, but one that sticks with me was from when I was doing home care. I was caring for two brothers who were six and two when they passed away. Being a part of their lives was really special to me that I’ll never forget to this day. Taking care of the elderly, you get them better and get them home. But these little boys, no matter what, they’d smile and appreciate you and the world around them, no matter how many surgeries they had or how many difficult things they went through. They passed away eleven and twelve years ago at Christmas. Their mom and I still talk. Those were her only kids, and I’m just so thankful to have been part of her life and of her two boys’ lives. It actually taught my kids how precious life was. I’ve helped so many people but helping them through the toughest times of their lives, it’s something beyond words, I guess. I always believe there’s a better place they’re in now.”

With burnout rates amongst nurses at a high level, it’s evident that not everyone can pick themselves back up and keep giving care under those circumstances. But Beth has peace of mind in knowing that she gave the two young boys the best care she could have, going beyond just medical care.

“Before they passed away, I made a music video for them and their mother with their favorite songs,” says Beth, explaining that it was a token of their happiness to remember them by. She notes that after they passed, two birds would always sit by the front lawn so she and the boys’ mother believe it symbolizes them moving on to a better place.

Beth cherishes the time she has with her family. She has a daughter she talks to every day and eight grandchildren that she regularly video-chats with. “They grew up in the medical field watching mom,” she says, “they’re all very caring, and we have four people in the family in nursing.”

For compassionate people like Beth and her family, giving care is the air they breathe. But it’s a job that is just as challenging as it is rewarding. Throughout her years as a nurse, Beth notices that upper management isn’t always attuned to the needs of the nursing professionals that work the floors. “When you’re asked to take care of 20 patients, it’s hard to remember that each one has individual needs and should receive the time, care, and respect that a human deserves. And on top of that, nurses have to grapple with the loss of their patients like I did. So it can be tough when those experiences go unnoticed.”

Beth Fournier with Family - Nurse Spotlight IntelyPro

Beth shares some life advice for nurses who are feeling burned out due to the highly emotionally stressful job of nursing: “No matter how rough life is, there’s always something good out there to pull out of it. That’s the only way to survive in this world, with all this tragic stuff that happens.” She adds that it’s important to remember the rewarding moments you’re proud of too.

“I cared for a retired police officer who was a double amputee. He never thought he was going to recover and walk out of the rehab facility on his own but we believed in him. When he did walk out on his own prosthetic legs I was so proud of him. The whole staff lined up in the front lobby to congratulate him. He came back every once in a while too. It’s always nice to see people when they are healthy after caring for them when they aren’t at their best.”

When Beth isn’t helping give her patients miraculous recoveries, she’s sledding with her four-year-old grandkids, taking them to ballet and tap dance classes, and going hiking. Going hiking with them is “always an adventure,” she says, “I never know what we’re going to find. With everyone stuck inside during the pandemic, it’s important to remember that feeling of wonder and exploration.”

Beth leaves with one final piece of advice she wishes she had when she just started her nursing career in ‘96: “Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and for your patients! I was always so nervous but over time I realized that it’s important to be confident in yourself so you can advocate for others. Always remember that that person in that bed could be your loved one. So do everything you’d do for them that you’d do for your family.”

Thank you, Beth, for your wonderful words of advice and for sharing your story of nursing with us. We’re here to care for our nursing professionals the way they care for our patients.

IntelyCare gives nursing professionals like Beth the ability to transform the way they work. Are you ready to take control of your life? Apply today to get started.

IntelyPro Champion Spotlight Series: Tania Flores

IntelyPro Champion Spotlight Series: Tania Flores

Meet IntelyPro Champion, Tania Flores. Tania’s instincts to support people at every turn help her support healthcare heroes in becoming IntelyPros – getting the benefits, pay, and schedule flexibility that they deserve.

“I always wanted to work for a company that cares for its employees as IntelyCare does,” says Tania Flores. “I never thought that I’d be able to find a place to work at that made me feel so at home when I’m working. I feel lucky, honestly.” Tania notes that there’s a lot of change going on at IntelyCare and the world, but it feels good to be a key part of such a fast-growing company that’s making the world of healthcare a better place. “It’s been a great learning experience for me.”

The most rewarding part of the job for Tania is helping IntelyPros take that first step into a new way of care-providing that gives them the freedom they deserve. 

Can you point to a gratifying moment you’ve had as an IntelyPro Champion?

“I called an IntelyPro to let them know that there’s a new facility in her area that she can pick up shifts at. She was so overjoyed and thankful that it just made my day. I had to mute myself on the line because I started to cry. I knew how life-changing it was to open an opportunity for her, not just to work, but to work in a way that will help them get the pay, benefits, and work/life balance they deserve. It helps me wake up every day when I know that I’m going to change people’s lives with what I do.”

Tania is not alone in her life-changing work. Twiggy Duran, Melanie Mathews, and Robyn Grover have supported her through her first months of working with IntelyCare, always helping her do her best work. 

How would you compare your first week at IntelyCare to now?

 “I was lost in that first month  I said to myself, ‘okay, this is a lot to take in.’ And I know new IntelyPros I work with relate to that feeling. But Twiggy, Mel, and Robyn saw potential in me and continue to help me grow every day. So I always want to return that support to IntelyPros and lead by example. I’ve never worked at a company that has helped me learn and grow so much as a person and as a professional over the course of three months. It feels like I’ve been here for three years.”

Tania emphasizes how IntelyCare truly listens to its employees and IntelyPros, saying, “When I share my ideas and propose a change, we always try it out. And if it works, we continue doing it. When we feel valued, it inspires us to value our IntelyPros in the same way. If they have questions, concerns, or issues with the app, we’re never telling them to ignore it. We always want to solve their issues, even if it’s only specific to them. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

Tania’s instincts to give support truly represent the IntelyCare spirit. Whether it’s listening to feedback on implementing a new initiative or helping a single IntelyPro get to a new facility, IntelyCare wouldn’t be the industry-changing organization that it is without people like Tania who carry forward care at every turn.

 When you’re not helping our healthcare heroes, what do you like to do for fun?

In my spare time, my husband and I run an online investment management and stock market training course for Spanish speakers,” namely, Spanish speakers in her home state of Puerto Rico. She oversees the operations and social media of the training programs but still interacts with the students and has a wealth of market smarts. Tania interacts with students who have little access to US financial best practices due to the language barrier. So when they achieve financial stability because of her training, she’s always proud to play a part in bettering their lives. “We’ve seen a lot of people increase their wealth since we started in January. It’s awesome to see how people are making money and are changing their lives with it.

Be patient and wait. Don’t let one mistake affect your whole game plan,” says Tania to her students on day one. When working with IntelyPros, her advice is similar. “Stick with it, and give our team a call when you hit a roadblock.” Tania has a breadth of experience in operations, training, and recruiting in the professional world, all driven by her instinct to support others.

She left her home state of Puerto Rico to go to Chicago in 2015 after graduating college, staying with her uncle and aunt.

So what inspired you to make that big move?

Living on a small island my whole life, I wanted to see beyond the island bubble. Even though Puerto Rico is part of the US, it feels like a completely different culture. Other than the vastly different weather, everyone in Puerto Rico lives on island time. I was used to getting to a place an hour after I had to be there. But here, everyone is very punctual and a lot more fast-paced! Although my whole family, minus two siblings, is still in Puerto Rico, I wanted to meet new people, learn more about myself and push myself to succeed in that faced-paced culture while making an impact on people’s lives.

Tania moved from Chicago to Boston to work at a recruiting agency and work in the regional branch of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. However, Tania started her job search all over again due to the pandemic’s impact on the car-sharing industry. “I got interviewed by IntelyCare the same week lockdowns started, then re-interviewed in December and got started! I’m so glad that life has brought me to IntelyCare because I’ve always wanted a job where I can make a difference in people’s lives.

IntelyPro Champions are available 24/7 to provide our nursing professionals with hands-on support, and is just one of the many benefits for our nursing professionals.

Providing support to people that need it and deserve it is part of Tania’s character. IntelyCare extends a helping hand to those who provide for others every day. It’s only fitting that Tania’s most rewarding moments, whether as an IntelyPro Recruiter or in life in general, come when she is extending that helping hand. If making an impact on people’s lives is something you’re looking for in a job, then join our team by starting here!

Thank you, Tania, for bringing your ambition and compassion to helping IntelyPros take control of their healthcare careers! If you’re a nursing professional looking to take control of your work life, then become an IntelyPro today!

IntelyPro Champion Spotlight Series: Twiggy Duran

IntelyPro Champion Spotlight Series: Twiggy Duran

We’re excited to kick off a new Spotlight Series aimed at shining a light on the IntelyPro Champions that aid our IntelyPros in the recruiting process, to their first shift, and beyond. We’re proud to introduce one of our first IntelyPro Champions, Twiggy Duran, from Florida! 

I feel like it’s my baby to see the department flourish,” says Twiggy Duran, the first US-based IntelyPro recruiter for IntelyCare. Since the start of her journey with IntelyCare, August of 2019, the IntelyPro Lifecycle Success team (IPLS, for short) grew rapidly. When COVID-19 locked down the world, IntelyCare had to transform the way it operated. So in the IntelyCare spirit, Twiggy took the transformation as an opportunity to move back to her home state of Florida. 

She found that working from home suited her, so she’s living in Florida while working remotely. When her work took place in the Quincy, Massachusetts office, she found herself telling all kinds of stories to her desk neighbors. Twiggy notes that strange things can happen in life. So when IntelyPros hit road bumps along the way to taking their first shift, she’s there to listen and help.  

 You’ve helped so many nursing professionals get through the hiring process and onto their first shifts as IntelyPros. So what’s your approach? 

 “I want to encourage IntelyPros to talk and get comfortable. One day, an IntelyPro from Pennsylvania called in saying that she couldn’t finish the documentation process because a bear hit her car, rendering her unable to travel to required appointments. Her car was totaled. But once I knew that everyone in the car was ok, I couldn’t help but mention that down here in Florida, we have gators that do the same kind of things! And from there we moved forward with the documentation process, doing as much of it online as we could.”

It’s normal for many first-time IntelyPros to have a learning curve with new technology. Transferring from an in-person process to a tech-driven one is a big step. So Twiggy’s first piece of advice to IntelyPros is to “trust the process. It’s a new age with new technology that benefits you and is much more convenient than how you’ve done it in the past. Just make sure to ask questions and know it’s okay to have a learning curve on your first shifts.” Twiggy mentions that IntelyPros get the same high pay opportunities for each job or shift, whether it’s year one or year ten for the IntelyPro. “It’s one of the many features of using IntelyCare that our IntelyPros certainly like.  

Before working with Intelycare, Twiggy was an operations manager for a language school where international students would learn English through full immersion. “Over 2000 students would come through the program six weeks at a time, and double that in the summer. So we needed to hire and train a lot of people to facilitate that.” Twiggy’s experience hiring and recruiting large amounts of people lends itself to recruiting the best nursing professionals to the family of IntelyPros.   

What’s one thing you’ve learned in your experience as a hiring and recruiting specialist that applies to your work as an IntelyPro Champion? 

 “The one thing I’ve learned is that, regardless of if they’re happy, sad, disgruntled, or whatever they’re feeling, my goal is to get them to where they need to be. In this job you encounter people having good and bad days. So regardless of where they are, I want them to get to the next step. Even if it just means listening to them talk through the problem, that’s what I’m going to do. I’ve found that when I just have a warm conversation, we can find a solution together. It’s all about patience.” 

Twiggy has never felt more rewarded with a job than she has with IntelyCare. “The thing is, I know how hard these nurses work to become IntelyPros. So whenever I see that someone picks up a shift in a new facility or state, I’m just thrilled. Sometimes they even book a double shift and call me back to tell me how much they loved it. Nothing beats that.” If helping someone complete their first shift in a new job doesn’t call for a celebration, then what does? It’s easy to get overwhelmed in the chaos of managing IntelyPros. But Twiggy knows that the milestones she helps IntelyPros reach are worth it.   

A lot has changed at IntelyCare in the last few years. So what keeps you grounded when things seem to be moving fast? 

One thing that hasn’t changed is the camaraderie of our team. It’s grown so much, and we’re all working remotely, but we’re still so close that it feels like a family.” Twiggy gives a special shoutout to her “bestie, Robyn Grover.” On tough days Robyn is always there to get her to where she needs to be. “She saves me all the time. She gives me advice and always Slacks me a ‘good morning, best friend’… Mind you, we only met one time before going remote! And get this: When I was moving back to Florida from Boston, she was moving to Boston from Florida. We always say that fate had it that way because if we were in the same building together, we’d somehow burn it down.” Twiggy and Robyn make a dynamic duo and always have each other’s backs on tough days.


Aside from having Robyn by your side, are there activities or hobbies you have that help you de-stress? 

Because I have a 3-year old I don’t have any more hobbies. But I’m a Floridian, so I spend time at the beach and I used to play Roller Derby. I used to play all-female competitive Roller Derby, whoppin’ butts, full contact, the whole thing.” Before her days at IntelyCare, Twiggy would unwind by competing internationally on a Roller Derby team. The sport was her way to de-stress. “I used to be on the Board of Directors for the Roller Derby team and was able to get a deal with the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. They bought an outdoor rink for us, set up the bleachers, and gave us their entire backyard. We sold around 700 tickets, and it was a particularly crazy game – so much fun. 

Twiggy is always prepared for a new challenge, whether it’s assisting IntelyPros through to their first shift or competing on the Roller Derby rink. Twiggy’s genuine spirit and adventurous approach to life are truly special, and we’re lucky to have her on the IntelyCare team!

IntelyPro Champions are available 24/7 to provide our nursing professionals with hands-on support, and is just one of the many benefits for our nursing professionals.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming an IntelyPro, click here.

If you’re interested in working in our corporate office as an IntelyPro Champion, explore our available opportunities here.