South Carolina Nursing License Renewal: 3 Steps

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Written by Marie Hasty, BSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
A nurse works on their South Carolina nursing license renewal.

The Palmetto State is a great place for nurses. With nearly 3,000 miles of coastline and a population of over 5.2 million, there’s plenty of opportunity to work and relax.

Nurses in South Carolina have to renew their licenses every few years, which is just long enough to forget about how the process works. Here are some facts to know if you’re coming up on your South Carolina nursing license renewal date.

South Carolina Nursing Facts

Do you have questions about South Carolina’s compact status, nursing salaries, and how to contact the state Board of Nursing in South Carolina? Check out these resources for answers.

Is South Carolina a part of the nursing licensure compact (NLC)?

Yes, nurses with multistate compact licenses can practice in South Carolina.

How much do nurses in South Carolina earn?

How can I contact the South Carolina Board of Nursing?

South Carolina Board of Nursing Phone Number: 803-896-4550


South Carolina Board of Nursing Address

110 Centerview Drive
Columbia, SC 29210

South Carolina Board of Nursing Mailing Address

PO Box 12367
Columbia, SC 29211

Steps for South Carolina Board of Nursing License Renewal

If you already have an RN, LPN, or APRN license in South Carolina, follow the steps below to renew. CNAs have a slightly different process for renewal. If you have a compact license, renew it in your state to automatically renew your multi-state license. If you live outside the state but want a South Carolina nursing license by endorsement, view the RN or LPN endorsement application instructions.

Step 1: Determine Your Renewal Deadline

In South Carolina, RN, LPN, and APRN nursing licenses expire on April 30 of each even-numbered year. For example, if your license was issued in 2023, it will expire in 2024. Then, you will follow a two-year renewal schedule. If you’re not sure when yours expires, use the licensure lookup tool for your South Carolina nursing license verification.

Note that CNA licenses are governed by a different body than other nursing credentials. The South Carolina Nurse Aide Registry requires license renewal every 24 months.

Remember that it is illegal to practice with an expired license. Be sure to start your South Carolina nursing license renewal at least a month before your license expires.

Step 2: Complete Your Continuing Education Requirements

You’ll need to show continuing competency to qualify for license renewal. All RNs, LPNs, and APRNs must complete one of the following to meet SC nursing license renewal requirements:

  • Complete 30 contact hours through a recognized educational institution (APRNs with prescriptive authority need 20 hours in pharmacotherapeutics, including 2 hours of controlled substance education).
  • Maintain certification or recertification through a board-recognized certifying body.
  • Complete an academic program in nursing or a related field recognized by the board.
  • Receive employer certification via a form approved by the board.

For more details on approved institutions, see the South Carolina competency requirement criteria. If you’re looking for continuing education courses, check out IntelyEdu. Our accredited courses are developed by experts, and IntelyPro members can access free modules on our app.

CNAs will need to have worked at least eight hours in the past two years to qualify for renewal. South Carolina does not require continuing education for CNAs. For a complete list of requirements by state, see our state guide of continuing education requirements for nurses.

Step 3: Renew South Carolina Nursing License Online

Once you’ve completed your renewal requirements, go to the Manage My License page. Here, you can renew your nursing license, change your address, check your application status, and more.

To submit for license renewal, log in to the labor licensing portal. You won’t need to submit proof of continuing education requirements unless the board audits your renewal. Depending on your license, you’ll need to pay a fee to renew. You can use a VISA or MasterCard to make this payment. If you prefer paper mail, fill out a physical renewal form and send the fee by check or cash.

The renewal fees are as follows:

  • RNs and LPNs: $75
  • APRNs: $105
  • APRNs with prescriptive authority: $145

After submitting your license renewal, you should get an email from the board. If you run into any problems during the South Carolina nursing license renewal process, you can email the board for clarification.

If you’re a CNA, you’ll renew your certification through Credentia. Log in to your CNA365 account to complete the renewal, change your address, and update your personal information.

Once your license is renewed, you can search for RN, LPN, CNA, and NP jobs in South Carolina.

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