LPN Cover Letter Writing Tips and Sample

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Job applications often require both a resume and a cover letter. While an LPN resume details your work experience, an LPN cover letter lets your future employer see your personality and what makes you unique. If you’re wondering how to make your nursing experience shine or are looking for an LPN cover letter example, check out these writing tips and the sample provided below.

The demand for licensed practical nurses (LPNs) will remain consistent over the next decade. Despite this positive job outlook, you will still be one of many seeking employment in this field. To maximize your chances of getting your next job, it’s important that your LPN cover letter is tailored to each facility to which you apply.

Do this by adding personal touches, such as the manager’s name and useful facts about the facility, that show you’ve done your research. This makes your LPN cover letter stand out in comparison to the many applicants who don’t go out of their way to include these details. Explain, for example, why their company culture or positive reviews make you want to work with them over similar facilities. This shows your respect and commitment to their team.

Highlight your relevant personality traits and experiences that make you a great fit for this facility. This shows your employer that you are a whole person with soft skills that makes you a pleasure to work with. Your cover letter also shows your employers how you will go about addressing your patient’s emotional needs.

Check out our example of a cover letter for LPN professionals to use as inspiration:

LPN Cover Letter Example

Lela Stewart, RN
lstewart@emailisp.com | 555-555-5555
676 Flower Drive
Aston, PA 19192

Rose Okoro, MSN
Manor House
rokoro@emailisp.com | 555-555-5555
777 Rocky Road Ave
Mooseville, PA 19887


Dear Ms. Okoro,

I am writing in regard to your licensed practical nurse position at Manor House. I am an empathetic and driven individual who prioritizes the health, safety, and comfort of my patients. Manor House has a wonderful reputation for compassionate and quality care, and I would be honored to be a part of your team. My patient care skills and attention to detail make me a great fit for this position.

I worked at Plush Mills Nursing Home as an LPN caring for 30 elderly patients diagnosed with chronic and terminal conditions. On top of completing my nursing duties as described in my resume, I was a source of emotional support for patients and families. I made sure to clearly communicate patient progress to other members of the healthcare team, and to the families. I worked with the care team to obtain information about extra resources regarding grief and mental health.

At Gina’s Adult Daycare, I monitored and assisted at least 20 patients each day. I supported the charge RN with her daily tasks and communicated any physical and mental patient progress as needed. I educated families about changes in patient behavior and informed them about how activities at the daycare center would benefit their loved one.

I appreciate your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you in person so I can learn more about Manor House. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.


Lela Stewart

LPN Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for an LPN is $48,070 per year, and the workplace with the highest level of employment are skilled nursing facilities. The metropolitan areas with the highest levels of employment for LPNs are:

Get Your LPN Cover Letter Some Exposure

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