Flight Nurse Cover Letter Writing Tips and Sample

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Written by Marie Hasty, BSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
A nurse demonstrates the skills in their flight nurse cover letter.

Ready to take off into your next flight nurse role? A great cover letter can help you set yourself apart. While your nursing resume shares your previous roles and responsibilities, your cover letter is a chance to share why you’re the ideal candidate. It’s also a way to make a personal connection with the hiring manager amid the impersonal online hiring process.

Your cover letter might help show how you’ll fit into the day-to-day flow of medical transport. Show off your past accomplishments, and share how your interpersonal skills improve patient care. Mention your certifications, but know that hiring managers will look to your resume for a complete list.

Every cover letter should be specific to the role you’re applying to, but the formatting and flow will likely be similar. Use these flight nurse cover letter writing tips to create a cover letter that stands above the rest:

  • Make it unique. It’s okay to use a template, but be sure you’re customizing your cover letter so that it’s specific. Research the company you’re applying to so you can highlight their mission and values, and show how they align with your own. You can even use the same language in the job postings — it shows that you’re uniquely qualified for the role.
  • Share your why. What made you want to be a flight nurse? What have you learned in previous roles that you’ll carry into this one? What do you love about transport nursing? Being specific about why you want this role can help your cover letter stand out.
  • Use tools, but make it your own. It’s tempting to outsource your cover letter to AI, but it’s best if you don’t copy and paste directly. Language model tools tend to write in a similar style, and hiring managers see this enough to know the difference. You can use AI for inspiration, but be sure you make the writing your own.

For more information about writing your cover letter, see our nursing cover letter guide. If you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our example below.

Flight Nurse Cover Letter Sample

Skylar Liftoff, RN, CFRN, CTRN

5678 Winged Way

Denver, CO 80014

(303) 123-4567



[Hiring Manager’s Name]

Air1 Medical

3456 MedSky Lane

Denver, CO 80014

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

On one of my first clinical rotations, an air transport EMT invited us onto the helipad to see the air ambulance. I sat in the captain’s chair, looked around at the instruments and medications, and knew I wanted to be a flight nurse. Fast forward nine years, and I was thrilled to see a job opening at Air1 Medical. I’d love to be a part of your impressive team and help you deliver exceptional transport care to critically ill patients.

Throughout my three years of experience in the MICU and STICU at a level 1 trauma center, I honed my skills caring for patients who are hemodynamically unstable. I communicated with an interdisciplinary team, managed shifting care plans, and conducted detailed assessments and documentation. I’ve become well-versed in caring for critically ill patients, and am confident in titrating vasopressors, intubating patients, and managing ventilator settings according to protocols.

In the past five years at AeroMed, I’ve grown further as a flight nurse, providing exceptional care to over 300 patients a year. Whether it’s holding a patient’s hand as we lift off or offering comforting words during off-loading, I show patients that they’re in good hands during some of life’s most stressful moments. With a systems-thinking approach, I helped develop our new preflight protocols, which decreased our rollout time by 10%. I’ve also had the opportunity to mentor five new flight nurses, and have learned so much by being a preceptor.

I’ve admired Air1 Medical for years, as the leading medical transport service in Denver. I know I have much to learn and contribute as a flight nurse on your team and would love the opportunity to deliver exceptional transport care as one of your flight nurses. With my experience and passion for this role, I’m confident I’ll be an asset. I’m hoping to connect with you further to discuss my skills, and how I can contribute to your team. Please reach me at skylarl@email.com.

Thanks so much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Skylar Liftoff

What Salary Can I Expect as a Flight Nurse?

The average flight nurse salary is $93,390 per year. Your salary may be lower or higher depending on your geographic location, certifications, and experience.

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