10 Best Nurse Retirement Gifts

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Written by Morganne Skinner, BSN, RN Content Writer, IntelyCare
A nurse in blue scrubs holds one of their nurse retirement gifts.

Do you know a nurse who is preparing to retire? Are you wondering about what gift to get them? We’ve taken on the research for you and compiled a list of the top 10 nurse retirement gifts.

What Do You Get a Retiring Nurse?

Nurses have a unique sense of humor — they know how to laugh, be silly, and have a good time. Use this as inspiration when searching for a gift for that retiring nurse. Some of the best retirement gifts for nurses have a funny or sarcastic saying, and are silly and playful.

But just what is an appropriate gift to give a nurse? You want to show your immense gratitude and appreciation for all they’ve contributed throughout their career. Honestly, there are no hard rules. Use your best judgment.

One nurse may love a bracelet with a stethoscope charm while another may roll their eyes and think, “Another one?” Think about their personality, likes, and dislikes, and use that to guide you as you choose.

10 Best Retirement Nurse Gifts

  1. Personalized tumbler
  2. Funny retired T-shirt
  3. Retirement mug
  4. Personalized plaque
  5. Canvas tote bag
  6. “Said No Nurse Ever” book
  7. Personalized poster
  8. Nurse retirement card with gift card
  9. Personalized candle
  10. Spa gift box

1. Personalized Tumbler

Amusing nurse tumbler.

This tumbler is sure to bring a smile to your favorite retired nurse’s face. It reads, “A wise woman once said, ‘I’m outta here,’ and she lived happily ever after.” You can choose from a variety of colors, select other personalized sayings, or even choose to include their name or retirement year. Price: $19.98

2. Funny Retired T-shirt

T-shirt for retired nurse.

This T-shirt is the perfect gift for any retiring nurse. It’s relatable, uses humor, and allows the nurse to proudly tell the world they have retired. The best part is that it’s also affordable.

Looking for other sayings? No worries. There are many options to choose from. You can search for other retired nurse T-shirts as well. Price: $17.50

3. Retirement Mug

Humorous retirement mug.

Let’s be honest — what nurse doesn’t have a slight coffee addiction? Translation: A coffee mug is the ideal gift.

This coffee mug is playful, lighthearted, and sassy. Like the other personalized gift options, you can also choose a mug that is more sentimental or simple. Price: $8.66

4. Personalized Plaque

Inspiring nurse plaque.

While this may be one of the more expensive nurse retirement gifts, it will certainly show your genuine appreciation. By including a personalized statement, the gift becomes even more valuable.

This nurse retirement plaque is perfect for that nurse who everyone knows is amazing, but is too humble to brag about themselves. Let the plaque speak their praises. Price: Starting at $115.99

5. Canvas Tote Bag

Versatile nurse tote bag.

Looking for a practical gift? This canvas tote bag has a funny saying, is affordable, and has multipurposes. The nurse who has been using the same work bag for years will appreciate it even more. Check out some other options with different sayings. Price: Starting at $12.86

6. Said No Nurse Ever Coloring Book

Relatable nurse coloring book.

Said No Nurse Ever speaks to the nurse who truly has seen it all and heard it all. This coloring book will surely bring up some fond (and not so fond) memories and lead to many laughs. Bonus points for nurses who have an artistic side and will now have extra time for hobbies. Price: $7.95

7. Personalized Poster

Poster to honor retired nurse.

For the nostalgic nurse, retirement gifts that hold sentimental value will be treasured. Collaborate with your coworkers to create a list of 40 reasons you love working with this nurse. Then, create a personalized poster to proudly display them. Price: Starting at $65

8. Nurse Retirement Card With Gift Card

Amusing nurse retirement card.

A handwritten card never gets old — especially when it’s filled with heartfelt words. To some nurses, these are the gifts they cherish the most.

This gift option provides the best of both worlds: something funny (the card saying), something practical (gift card), and something heartwarming (kind words). For the gift card, think of what the retiring nurse really loves and enjoys. Some popular ideas include gift cards to the spa, coffee shop, or nail salon. You can purchase retirement cards online or in stores.

9. Personalized Candle

Relatable retirement candle.

If your nursing colleague who is retiring enjoys practical gifts, then this is the one for them! Take the candle up a notch by including a witty or sarcastic joke printed on the label. It’ll make them laugh every time they go to burn it, and they’ll love showing it off to others.

If you want to go a more sentimental route, you can find a candle that displays the nurse’s name, cherished characteristics, and retirement year. Alternatively, you can have your colleagues submit their own sayings to be printed on the labels. Examples of sayings include:

  • “Congrats on your retirement! Wishing you the best!”
  • “Retired nurse — officially discharged 20XX”
  • “And so the retirement adventure begins”
  • “A nursing legend has retired”

Price: $19.06

10. Spa Gift Box

Thoughtful spa box for retirement.

Give the gift of relaxation with a spa gift box. This box includes a bath bomb, hand and body soap, lip balm, and a candle. You even get to create a personalized message to go inside the box, thanking the nurse for their dedication to the nursing profession. Price: $44.10

Which Gift Would You Choose?

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