What’s Your Why? IntelyPro Lydia Villafane on Why She Got into Nursing

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We asked our IntelyPros why they chose nursing and were humbled and inspired with what they had to say. We’re proud to share their stories with the broader nursing industry. The following is from Lydia Villafane, LPN and IntelyPro.


My “Why?” Interesting question. Made me actually think.

Most people would answer, “I want to feel like I’m giving back or making a difference helping my fellow man.” But no, not me. I chose healthcare out of necessity. This is my second career choice. I was 50, going through life changes, divorce, kids finishing high school and going to college. I’m from the generation where husbands’ careers were first. Support him at all costs and put your wants second. I felt alone. It was a very scary time. What can an older woman like me do at this point of my life, so I can get a job that I’m going to love, be hired, and be able to support myself and kids?

Hooray for Nursing. I tried to get my RN degree but life determined that would not happen. But I still ended up with my LPN degree. I was 50 and the oldest student in my class. But it was the best decision in my life.

“I have plenty of cups and paper certificates congratulating me on my accomplishments in my field. These things do not help me to pay my bills.”

Yes, I am a loving, giving person, who loves people. I truly believe all nurses have these attributes that come to us naturally. That’s why we succeed in this field. And I already knew this about myself. There is a nursing shortage which is difficult, but the income is good. So, I did the math and here I am. 

Yes, nursing is difficult! It’s emotionally and physically draining but nothing can compare to the feeling when I walk onto a floor, my residents light up because I am available to them. Nothing compares to having the power of making someone feel safe and that I can make it better by just holding their hand.

I am 58 years old now. I’m 2 years away from turning 60. My main priority is getting financially stable, fast. I started late, so IntelyCare is my life savior. I love my job, but I need financial security. And this company pays the highest rates. I appreciate that there are money bonuses for working 5 shifts. Extra money for last-minute pick-ups and extra money for BookMe shifts. 

I have plenty of cups and paper certificates congratulating me on my accomplishments in my field. These things do not help me to pay my bills.

So, I generally go to the highest paying gig that is not too far from home. I am a grandmother and am very hands-on. So, as of September, I have been babysitting my 14-month-old grandson for 3 days and the other grandmother will have him 2 days a week so our kids don’t have to pay for daycare. So, in 4 days, I have to be able to earn enough to cover my budget. My daughter is a school teacher so during school vacations or Holidays I will work extra.

I thank IntelyCare for the opportunity to achieve my goals.

Lydia Villafane, LPN




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