IntelyPro Champion Spotlight Series: Tania Flores

Tania Flores IntelyPro Champion Spotlight

Meet IntelyPro Champion, Tania Flores. Tania’s instincts to support people at every turn help her support healthcare heroes in becoming IntelyPros – getting the benefits, pay, and schedule flexibility that they deserve.

“I always wanted to work for a company that cares for its employees as IntelyCare does,” says Tania Flores. “I never thought that I’d be able to find a place to work at that made me feel so at home when I’m working. I feel lucky, honestly.” Tania notes that there’s a lot of change going on at IntelyCare and the world, but it feels good to be a key part of such a fast-growing company that’s making the world of healthcare a better place. “It’s been a great learning experience for me.”

The most rewarding part of the job for Tania is helping IntelyPros take that first step into a new way of care-providing that gives them the freedom they deserve. 

Can you point to a gratifying moment you’ve had as an IntelyPro Champion?

“I called an IntelyPro to let them know that there’s a new facility in her area that she can pick up shifts at. She was so overjoyed and thankful that it just made my day. I had to mute myself on the line because I started to cry. I knew how life-changing it was to open an opportunity for her, not just to work, but to work in a way that will help them get the pay, benefits, and work/life balance they deserve. It helps me wake up every day when I know that I’m going to change people’s lives with what I do.”

Tania is not alone in her life-changing work. Twiggy Duran, Melanie Mathews, and Robyn Grover have supported her through her first months of working with IntelyCare, always helping her do her best work. 

How would you compare your first week at IntelyCare to now?

 “I was lost in that first month  I said to myself, ‘okay, this is a lot to take in.’ And I know new IntelyPros I work with relate to that feeling. But Twiggy, Mel, and Robyn saw potential in me and continue to help me grow every day. So I always want to return that support to IntelyPros and lead by example. I’ve never worked at a company that has helped me learn and grow so much as a person and as a professional over the course of three months. It feels like I’ve been here for three years.”

Tania emphasizes how IntelyCare truly listens to its employees and IntelyPros, saying, “When I share my ideas and propose a change, we always try it out. And if it works, we continue doing it. When we feel valued, it inspires us to value our IntelyPros in the same way. If they have questions, concerns, or issues with the app, we’re never telling them to ignore it. We always want to solve their issues, even if it’s only specific to them. At the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

Tania’s instincts to give support truly represent the IntelyCare spirit. Whether it’s listening to feedback on implementing a new initiative or helping a single IntelyPro get to a new facility, IntelyCare wouldn’t be the industry-changing organization that it is without people like Tania who carry forward care at every turn.

 When you’re not helping our healthcare heroes, what do you like to do for fun?

In my spare time, my husband and I run an online investment management and stock market training course for Spanish speakers,” namely, Spanish speakers in her home state of Puerto Rico. She oversees the operations and social media of the training programs but still interacts with the students and has a wealth of market smarts. Tania interacts with students who have little access to US financial best practices due to the language barrier. So when they achieve financial stability because of her training, she’s always proud to play a part in bettering their lives. “We’ve seen a lot of people increase their wealth since we started in January. It’s awesome to see how people are making money and are changing their lives with it.

Be patient and wait. Don’t let one mistake affect your whole game plan,” says Tania to her students on day one. When working with IntelyPros, her advice is similar. “Stick with it, and give our team a call when you hit a roadblock.” Tania has a breadth of experience in operations, training, and recruiting in the professional world, all driven by her instinct to support others.

She left her home state of Puerto Rico to go to Chicago in 2015 after graduating college, staying with her uncle and aunt.

So what inspired you to make that big move?

Living on a small island my whole life, I wanted to see beyond the island bubble. Even though Puerto Rico is part of the US, it feels like a completely different culture. Other than the vastly different weather, everyone in Puerto Rico lives on island time. I was used to getting to a place an hour after I had to be there. But here, everyone is very punctual and a lot more fast-paced! Although my whole family, minus two siblings, is still in Puerto Rico, I wanted to meet new people, learn more about myself and push myself to succeed in that faced-paced culture while making an impact on people’s lives.

Tania moved from Chicago to Boston to work at a recruiting agency and work in the regional branch of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. However, Tania started her job search all over again due to the pandemic’s impact on the car-sharing industry. “I got interviewed by IntelyCare the same week lockdowns started, then re-interviewed in December and got started! I’m so glad that life has brought me to IntelyCare because I’ve always wanted a job where I can make a difference in people’s lives.

IntelyPro Champions are available 24/7 to provide our nursing professionals with hands-on support, and is just one of the many benefits for our nursing professionals.

Providing support to people that need it and deserve it is part of Tania’s character. IntelyCare extends a helping hand to those who provide for others every day. It’s only fitting that Tania’s most rewarding moments, whether as an IntelyPro Recruiter or in life in general, come when she is extending that helping hand. If making an impact on people’s lives is something you’re looking for in a job, then join our team by starting here!

Thank you, Tania, for bringing your ambition and compassion to helping IntelyPros take control of their healthcare careers! If you’re a nursing professional looking to take control of your work life, then become an IntelyPro today!


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