6 Tips For New Nurses

6 Tips for New Nurses

If you’re just starting as a nursing professional, you might feel excited, prepared, and nervous all at the same time. Some healthcare heroes were gracious enough to share the advice they received when they were starting as healthcare professionals, from Certified Nursing Assistants to Registered Nurses

Tips from our Nursing Professionals: 

1. Speak up – Alisha Brown – RN, OH 

“No matter the situation, always speak up for yourself,” says Alisha Brown. Facilities sometimes don’t give new nurses or per diem nurses who aren’t part of the facility staff the attention and support that’s need for them to do their jobs well. So Alisha says that learning to speak up for yourself is extremely important in those situations. The facilities may not know that you need guidance so letting them know what you need and asking lots of questions is crucial to providing quality care.

2. Keep learning – Shakira Hodge – LPN, OH

“Nursing and the medical field is ever-changing,” says Shakira Hodge. It’s important to understand that there is always more out there to learn and new discoveries are made every day. After finishing nursing school, it’s easy to think that you’ve learned it all. But Shakira understands that to be a good nurse, you have to evolve along with the medical field. After all, no two patients are the same, so it’s important to always expect new challenges. 

3. Listen and be respectful – Jackey Williams – CNA, RI

In Jackey’s spotlight interview, she said that if she were to go back in time to give herself a piece of advice, she’d say, “Jackey, you should always respect people, know how to talk to people, understand their problems because everybody has different ways of dealing with them.” In her years as a CNA, she’s helped countless people through their medical and emotional troubles. She speaks from experience when she says always to listen and be respectful to your patients no matter what.

4. Slow down – Crystal Miranda – CNA, MA

“Just slow down and try not to stress about everything,” says Crystal. It’s easy to concern yourself with all the little details and stress about remembering everything. When you feel rushed, just take a deep breath and focus on the one task that is in front of you before moving on. Crystal recommends using meditation apps to help de-stress if reminding yourself to slow down and take a deep breath doesn’t always work.

5. Float! – Beth Fournier – RN, MA

Beth lives for nursing. She loves keeping busy with her passion for nursing. “I know people usually don’t like floating. But for me, floating was a major part of my learning experience early on that allowed me to grow in my career and expertise,” says Beth. If you’re working at a facility with multiple units, try to take the opportunity to see how providing care differs in each environment because that knowledge can help give you a new perspective on how to provide the best care possible. 

6. Prioritize your education – Shannon Williams – LPN, PA

“Finish school early, not when you’re in your thirties because It’s a lot harder,” says Shannon Williams. Choosing between earning an income and continuing a nursing education can be a hard choice. But Shannon advises new nurses to finish school early because the longer you wait, the less able you are to prioritize schooling. So, in the long run, it hurts your earning potential to forgo schooling if it’s a feasible option for you.


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