5 Tips To Pay For Nursing School

5 tips to pay for nursing school

Nursing professionals face a tough choice between earning an income or going to nursing school. As Marilily Gutierrez, CNA from Florida, mentions in her Spotlight profile, it’s easy to put off forgoing the income of working full-time as a CNA to further your education. After many years of working as a CNA, she wishes she earned her education before starting a family and taking on greater responsibilities. “The opportunity for education isn’t always there,” she says. 

Although nursing school may seem financially daunting and time-consuming, there are some key ways that a nursing assistant can pay for the education they need to further their career and brighten their future.

1. Save Up

The traditional way to pay for nursing school is to take a piece of your paycheck and put it away for later. Many nurses are overworked and underpaid and don’t have the means to comfortably save up for a big expense like nursing school. But even a couple dollars with each paycheck can add up over time, especially with the help of many new budgeting apps available for free.

2. Start a Side Gig

Nursing is a demanding job. Many nurses have their hands full with their job and home life. But you may have hobbies or skills that can be leveraged to make a little extra money to help pay for nursing school. With new apps and technologies, Side gigs are more feasible than ever for nursing professionals. One of our very own IntelyPros, Shakira Hodge, LPN from Ohio, runs an online custom knitting and crocheting business from her home, turning her hobby into a productive pastime that helps her save up for a Ph.D.

It’s not impossible to further your educational goals while doing what you love! 

3. Work Per Diem

If you’re concerned that you would have to give up working completely in order to pursue a nursing education, then consider working per-diem. As a per diem nurse, you’ll be able to choose the shifts you want to work and fit your work schedule around your education. Normally, per diem nurses sacrifice stability and regular shifts for that level of freedom. But with the new technology and data science that IntelyCare offers, you’ll have an easy-to-use app that finds available shifts for you, reducing the risk of shift availability, yet retaining that level of freedom you need to fit your nursing school schedule into your life.

4. Become an IntelyPro 

One of IntelyCare’s foundational goals is to support healthcare heroes the way they support their patients. By utilizing cutting-edge data science, we’re proud to offer competitive pay rates, great benefits as a W2 employer, and the freedom and flexibility that nursing professionals deserve, helping them live the life they deserve and advancing their careers. The competitive pay rates and flexible schedule that come with being an IntelyPro can provide that extra income you need to pay for nursing school!

5. Apply For Scholarships

In line with our mission, we’ve launched a scholarship initiative for nursing professionals that allows them to take their career to the next level. We’ve partnered with nursing schools all over the country to give our nursing professionals a chance to further their education by offering scholarships to qualified applicants. We also offer an annual Healthcare Heroes Scholarships to select IntelyPros who submit a compelling story about their nursing journey.

For more information on scholarship opportunities, click here!


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