We at IntelyCare believe that fostering a culture of care is crucial to achieving our goals as a company. And having a culture of care doesn’t stop at being a health-tech company: We’re an organization that aims to change people’s lives for the better, whether it’s through our technology or not. That’s why we’ve partnered with Interfaith Social Services to help deliver the care that’s needed in our communities. 

Interfaith is dedicated to improving the lives of families and individuals in the South Shore of Massachusetts. They call upon teams of volunteers, donors, and community partners to deliver both small acts of compassion and high impact programs. Their services range from efforts to fight hunger, to addressing mental health issues, to providing emergency assistance. 

Every month, IntelyCare sends four volunteers to help in their food pantry where our volunteers can help provide food for people in need. Last Christmas, we helped organize a toy drive in an effort to bring the spirit of giving to the holidays for those in need. The Interfaith and IntelyCare partnership is stronger than ever despite the pandemic. And together we work to find unique and innovative new ways to give back communities in need.

At IntelyCare, we find strength in a culture of care and compassion. Whether it’s finding ways to recognize and support our hard working IntelyPros and facility partners, or giving back to the communities that make us whole, caring is part of who we are.  

If working at a place with a culture of caring resonates with you, you’ll find a home with IntelyCare. Join our team by starting here!