While the caregiving profession can be rewarding, nursing professionals face tough realities in their line of work. Many nursing assistants feel like the path for career advancement is difficult and can seem unattainable when you have a hectic schedule. However, both education and on-the-job experience are crucial in the caregiving industry and can help you develop as a nursing professional. Working with people is one of the most important skills a caregiver can have. Combine that with a certificate program or even a nursing degree where you learn how to give exceptional care, and you’re well on your way to career advancement!

1) Education

Education offers a clear path to increase your earning potential and advance your nursing career. But there are different ways to get an education and gain the valuable knowledge you needed to further your nursing career.

Becoming an RN

A nursing degree is a great way to learn more in the nursing profession and is a sure way to increase your earning potential. There are also plenty of scholarships available for nursing assistants who cannot afford to earn a BSN and become an RN independently. In addition to scholarships, there are a few ways nursing assistants can help pay for nursing school, including using nursing gig platforms like IntelyCare to build your schedule around your education, allowing you to earn an income while getting your degree. Completing a nursing program and passing the NCLEX-RN is no easy feat, but there are plenty of strategies available to help you succeed in nursing school, setting you up to get the most out of your education. 

Other Education Options

However, becoming an RN isn’t the only path to career advancement. Consider taking single classes or certificate programs to gain new knowledge and learn new skills without the time and financial commitment of going back to school for a degree.

And it doesn’t stop at degree and certificate programs either. Many nursing professionals find ways to gain new experiences and learn capabilities that can add value to their nursing assistant job. In addition, there are plenty of job opportunities as a CNA where you have greater flexibility, allowing you to work while going back to school while broadening your horizons in the nursing world by trying new facilities.

2. Explore Different Nursing Options

Although many nurses prefer the routine of working at a single facility, other nurses can get restless and feel as if they’re not learning anything new or valuable. However, when you have the opportunity to work at multiple types of facilities, you meet new people, solve new problems, and learn new things, growing your opportunities, experience, and skills as a versatile nursing assistant. And the ability to complete a variety of tasks and adapt on the fly is a valuable trait in a nursing assistant.

Per diem nursing is a way to explore new learning opportunities while also earning a steady income. With new apps and services, you’ll have the flexibility of per diem nursing with the job security and benefits of full-time work. Plus, you can choose the facilities you work at without sacrificing job security. See our tips on how to make the most of per diem nursing.

There is a new age of nursing on the horizon. With new technologies that provide the opportunity for schedule flexibility, exploring new facilities, competitive pay rates, quality employee benefits, and access to scholarship opportunities, advancing your nursing career as a CNA is an attainable reality.

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